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Learn Japanese Culture - Japanese Superstitions 1 - Fact Or Fiction?
By:Peter Galante

Japanese Superstitions: Fact or Fiction? Every culture has interesting superstitions. For example, what do you do when you spill salt? What about if you accidentally break a mirror? People do an array of interesting things to keep bad luck from coming their way. Have you ever heard of Feng Shui? If not, you might want to read this lesson before you redecorate your home!

Japanese has some fascinating superstitions, and more are to come in this three-part series. When talking about superstitions you'll need learn to use kanenai to talk about the possibility of something bad happening. Discuss the consequences of people's poor decisions using the Japanese vocabulary words and sentence structures you learn talking about superstitions.

Vocabulary: Key vocabulary and phrases:

to build, to construct - tateru

land - tochi

daringly, boldly - omoikitte

assistance, aid, support - enjo

blueprint, construction diagram - zekkaizu

feng shui - fuusui

designing, layout, planning - sekkei

to entrust - makaseru

with trouble, at great pains - sekkaku

mother-in-law - o-kaa-san


Today's grammar point is kanenai, which is used in sentence structures such as, [verb. masu stem] [kanenai] and means "it is very possible" or "it might." Please note that it is used to say that it's very possible something undesirable will happen.

Today's Examples:

Ie wo tateta ato ni warui koto bakari ga okoru nante koto ni narikanenai no yo!

It's very possible that bad things will happen one after another once the house is built.


* Verb. masu stem + [kanenai]

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