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Midnight in Tokyo - The City of Never Ending Excitements
By:Oca Ong

Some say that Tokyo is perhaps among the world's least appealing cities by day; on the other hand, when one sees Tokyo at night, the praises seem to be endless. The dullness fades away, and the city comes into an energetic existence of its own, blossoming into a fusion of paper lanterns and neon lights, with streets filling in with millions of burned out Japanese all out to have some fun.

Tokyo at night is also said to be among the world's extreme cities; never seeming to sleep or give up. Its entertainment vicinities are still as crowded at three in the morning as they are at ten in the evening, plus a lot of spots stay open until the first subways begin running past five in the morning. Whether it is reggae, jazz, dance clubs, bars, and other entertainment one looks for, they are sure to find it in Tokyo at night.

Visitors should know that there is no one core of nighttime activities in Tokyo. There are many nightspots scattered all through the city, each having its own ambiance, clientele, and price range. The most well known are perhaps Kabuki-cho, Ginza, and Roppongi. Do not miss taking a stroll in the neighborhood and savor the atmosphere, before finally visiting any of nightlife spot. The lanes likely packed with many people, along with overwhelming neon lights; one may never know what they can discover in Tokyo at night.

Even if there are a lot of discos, clubs, and bars full of young Japanese guys and gals, Japan nightlife is still somewhat a man domain for the older generation, as what it has been for ages. This domain high end, are geisha bars, where highly skilled Japanese women entertain through singing, playing customary Japanese instruments, and having amusing conversations. These places situated primarily in Kyoto, and are generally both shockingly expensive and are exclusive.

The most famous spots for nightlife are none other than drinking establishments, where the majority of office employees, expatriates, and students go for a night out. These includes Nomi-ya or Japanese-style watering holes, Western-style bars, and bars that offer yakitori and additional snacks called Yakitori-ya. Live-music and dancing venues are popular among the young, as well as inexpensive restaurants cool for a nightlife.

Tokyo at night is like seeing another side of the city, it is vibrant, it is generally crowded, and it is one way of adding another unique experience to ones visiting Tokyo.

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