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Teach English in Japan - Where to Find Jobs
By:Kevin Ramsey

There are a few ways to obtain a job teaching English in Japan, however most ESL (English as a Second Language) and EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teachers find employment in one of the following ways:

English Schools

Japan is home to hundreds if not thousands of English schools. Teaching at an English school is absolutely the best option for people who want to teach English in Japan. There are plenty of benefits to teaching at an English School:

1. Most of the English schools recruit teachers all year long, which means that you don't have to wait for a specific application "season" or arrange your schedule around the school's.

2. Many of the English schools help their teachers find housing (some even provide it), obtain health insurance and immersion into the Japanese culture. They help to smooth out the transition period.

3. You will receive plenty of on the job training when you teach for an English school which makes obtaining a position with one possible even if you do not have TESL or TEFL certification.

For those interested in national or international English schools, AEON and GEOS are the most popular Japanese English schools. If you would like a company that has more of an independent feel, schools like GABA, WinBe and ECC are smaller and offer more flexibility in curriculum and lesson plans.

Companies That Do Placement

There are also sites that accept applications from students and handle the screening process on behalf of private schools. This is a time saver for both the person who wants to get a job in Japan, and the companies who are looking to hire. These types of organizations often have a large variety of high paying jobs to choose from. One of the more active sites in the industry that also has many unique tips and insights into life in Japan for those who want to teach English in Japan is AACircle.com.au

The JET Program

JET is the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program. Instead of focusing only on teaching English as a second or foreign language, the JET Program is sponsored by the government. Teachers from all over the world live and interact with local Japanese communities. They serve as English teachers in the classroom and are offered plenty of creative opportunities.

The Jet program specializes in placing English teachers in rural towns and offer complete immersion as the teacher typically works with an all-Japanese school staff. While culture shock is to be expected, this is the best way to get the true experience of living and working in Japan.

Teach Part Time!

There are plenty of smaller English schools as well as positions available in primary and secondary schools in Japan that are looking for instructors. In addition to positions in schools there are also plenty of businesses who want to hire English teachers. In order to obtain one of these positions it is imperative that you get your TESL or TEFL certification before beginning the application process. These jobs aren't interested in placing people who want immersion in the Japanese culture. They want qualified English teachers and certification helps give you an edge over other applicants.

Of course teaching English part time in Japan doesn't come with the benefits that are offered by the JET program or one of the larger national English schools. You'll have to find your own housing, your own insurance, etc.

If you don't want to be bound to a school or program's expectations, the part time and/or freelance English teaching positions might be the way to go. Of course, if you aren't yet ready to throw yourself completely into Japanese culture, you might be better suited with one of the national schools or federal programs.

Teach English in Japan

Jobs in Japan China Korea and Taiwan http://www.aacircle.com.au/

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