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Try Ski Jobs in Japan For a Totally New Experience!
By:Adam Claydon-Platt

There are many places in the world to do Ski Jobs. Some of the most famous places include Canada, the Alps in Europe, New Zealand, and more recently, Japan. Each has it's own strengths and weaknesses, but the place I love the most is Japan. Why? Because it's not just a great chance to Ski and meet new people. It's also one of the most unique and intriguing cultures in the world, and frankly, you'll love it!

Of course, like everything, there are two sides to every coin, and on the down-side, the Japanese work too much. Don't be surprised if, during the busy period (Xmas / New Years break), you're working 7 days a week, solid. During this peak period, the hours are pretty intense, though there is some consolation. The Japanese, while working long hours, don't actually work too hard. It's not uncommon in the city, for you to see businessmen finishing work at 8pm, but taking the train home without even a briefcase. The thing is, they spend a lot of TIME at the office, but they don't actually do too much. So the good thing is, that during this busy period, you may not have any time to Ski, but you'll have a lot of time to hang out with your co-workers, improve your Japanese, and most importantly, celebrate the end of a long day, with a beer together!

The Japanese love their beer, though they have a pretty low tolerance for it. More than beer, they just love to have a good time (wouldn't you if you worked crazy hours?). So the best thing about working in a Ski Resort in Japan, is that you'll be spending A LOT of time with your new friends, drinking, talking, playing music, cards, etc. and having fun. You stay in dormitories, sometimes with up to a few hundred people in them, so there's always some sort of party going on, in one form or another. A word of warning here though, if you get caught sneaking into the women's dorms, or if you have women in yours, you could get fired for it. The Japanese are (usually) very strict about this point, so beware!... or be careful ;)

So after you've made it through the busiest period, in about Mid-January, you've worked like a dog, but have made HEAPS of new, interesting friends (who probably speak next to no English), have dramatically improved your Japanese skill, have a fair bit of cash in your bank account, and then, like a gift from Heaven, a cherry on top, the real snow starts dumping. It dumps pretty constantly in Japan, but as the season only opens in December for most resorts, it takes the first month or so to really get a solid base, and then around Mid-January, the fresh powder dumps, and dumps, and no matter when you manage to get out there, you'll be able to carve fresh tracks! Your shifts will also become much more manageable after that, and you'll get about 6-8 days off per month. In addition, depending on your shift times, you'll also be able to Ski/ board in the morning, or in the evening, etc. etc. Thankfully, most of the resorts in Japan have night-skiing, and are open til about 9pm.

So January is usually the month where most accidents happen. Everyone is so excited that the busiest period is over, and so happy to be able to get out on the slopes more and more, that inevitably, they get a little risky, and it often ends in tears. So, a second word of warning: wear wrist guards, and a helmet! Most of the injuries are to the wrists and head, so it's a very good idea to buy these two life-saving items!

The final few months working at the resorts are always the best - the times when everyone in the dorms know each-other pretty well, you're getting enough time off to satisfy your boarding needs, and still earning some bread while you're at it... in fact, the worst part of working in a Ski Resort in Japan, is not the work at all, but the time when you have to leave. Expect tears, whether you're a girl OR a guy... but also expect to return someday; because you can leave Japan, but Japan will NEVER leave you!

Discover the newest and most exciting place to do Ski Jobs - Japan. It's not just a chance to ski - it's a total cultural experience.

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