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How To Learn Japanese Words Fast
By:David John

So, you want to know how to learn Japanese words fast? Well, first you need to know the common ways people learn Japanese successfully.

There are two main methods that are used generally. I call one the "Hit The Ground Running" method and the other is the "Frustrate Yourself" method. I guess it's pretty self explanatory which method I prefer.

The "Frustrate Yourself" Method

This is the method most commonly taught in schools and language centers world wide. It involves learning lots of grammar structures and word orders and picking up vocabulary as you progress.

Learning Japanese this way definitely works, but it is slow (and frustrating).

The problem with learning this way is our capacity for recall. Throughout our lives, we learn by repetition and experience. If I teach you a couple of grammar structures along with a few words you will either use them or lose them. If you don't use them in real life, or study very hard, you will probably forget what you were taught.

Let's imagine you do study extremely hard. You can remember all the grammar structures you are taught. How are you going to use the grammar structures, unless you know a lot of words to go with the grammar?

The "Hit The Ground Running" Method

This is my preferred way of learning Japanese. Using this method you will harness the power of your memory to speed-learn words.

You will not concentrate so much on grammar, more on creating a database of vocabulary that you can recall easily. Once you have an extensive list of vocab it's much easier to learn the grammar (because you can use it).

So let's give one a try:

The Japanese word for hill is saka. Close your eyes for ten seconds and imagine playing soccer on a hill.

By creating this association between saka (soccer) and the hill you should easily be able to recall the Japanese for hill when you need it.

All in all, learning Japanese can be difficult, but if you build your vocabulary first, you will learn much faster.

David John
To find out how to learn Japanese words fast (100 words per hour) and have instant recall, visit David's website www.speak-japanese-right-now.com

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