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Hints And Tips For Learning Japanese
By:Alex Quail

There are many ways to help your brain to memorize things. Learning a language can be a daunting task at first, but using some of these memory techniques, you will soon be learning hundreds of Japanese words in a matter of hours.

Relating Japanese vocabulary to English sounds

When learning Japanese words, try and relate them to an English word. For instance, 'ichi', meaning 1 in Japanese, could be 'itchy' in English. This simple relation with an English word will help you to visualize the Japanese in your head.


Using images in your head is an extremely powerful tool for learning Japanese. It has been proven that you can remember and recall vocabulary much easier when it is associated with relevant images. Using the example in the above hint, when learning the Japanese word 'ichi', think of a man itching his arm. This way, not only do you have an English word to help you remember the vocabulary, but you also have an image in your head. When learning sentences or phrases, you can produce a whole story in your head; you will be surprised just how much you remember with this technique.


Flashcards may remind you of school exams, but they are a proven memory technique that actually work very well. Buy or make yourself a number of small, colorful cards. On each card, write a Japanese word or phrase, with a small related picture/image (if you can). Spend around 15 seconds on a single flash card, and then turn it over and create the image of the card in your head, with the associate vocabulary and picture. The colors on the flashcards will also help you to remember. Once you have remembered a single flashcard, you can start to increase the amount you memorize at any one time.

These three simple techniques will drastically improve your ability to remember Japanese. Dedicate an hour or two a day to using the methods mentioned above, and before you know it you will have a vast knowledge of the Japanese language.

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Good luck!

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