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Japan International schools? (for a student)

Hey Everyone I need some help!! OK see Iam only 15 but i want to go to an international school in Japan!!! (Iam from the us) See my dad always says no but I really want to go to Japan and i need some help to convice him to send me to an international school!!!! PLEASE HELP!!! Also anyone know some good schools in Japan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

From christoph r: Do you want to go to a Japanese School in Japan or an ...
Do you want to go to a Japanese School in Japan or an American school in Japan? if you want to go to a japanese school then you have to wear a uniform and I really do not know much about them since i went to A.S.I.J. or if you want to go to an american school in Japan i know of a St. Mary's which is one (don't know much about). Though I went to A.S.I.J which i will describe below for you This one I can answer for you, because I lived in Japan for 11 years and went to the really only international school in Japan which is in Tokyo. Which is called A.S.I.J. (The American School in Japan) A.S.I.J is in the top 5% of American Schools. Which means it is almost college level. It is not an easy school. Classes like English, Science I would get C's and D's there. When I moved to the U.S. to finish my last 2 years of high school I would get A's and B's in English, and Science. Most everyone knows that the American education for High school is not that great. Not to mention it is also a private school. It is very costly, and a person most likely who makes a living in the United States will not be able to afford the tuition. Because in Japan things are about 3 times more expensive then the U.S. But you also get paid more in Japan. Then of course you would also have to have an apartment there. It is just to costly, I know some high schools have a study abroad program which probably would be best. But I definetly know why he says no. Though yes Japan is the safest country in the world that is for sure and 6 year old girls ride the trains by themselves. here is the fees for A.S.I.J $16,442 Tuition (yearly) $162 application fee $814 capital assessment (non refundable) $2,442 Registration (non refundable for all new students) $4,070 building maintenance (non refundable, for all new students) $2,645 Bus (optional) Not to mention on top of all this is food and you can easilly spend about $10-$30 a meal for one person. Then you have the cost of Living if you have no one to live with. Which you see just how much this school costs you can imagine how much an apartment would cost. The best thing that you should probably do is do a study abroad program with your school if it offers one. This would be the best way to go and the cheapest

From Dawn V: If your father or mother is not employed by an international ...
If your father or mother is not employed by an international company and sent to Japan on an overseas assignment, they will be paying for an international school out of their pocket. The total yearly cost for this, including lodging, will be around $25,000USD.. not including spending cash for you. and it i not because Japan is expensive. The American school in Tokyo is actually much less expensive than S.F.S in seoul, Korea ot hte American school in Pudong or Singapore. I would suggest that you study languages and then apply for college classes overseas on an exchange program. This would show that you are taking responsibility for ome of the enormous costs.

From Smiley: It all depends on where you live sweety. There are several ...
It all depends on where you live sweety. There are several levels of international schools in big cities like Tokyo. If you are a Christian, Christian Academy of Japan is your best bet, it is on the northwest side of Tokyo in Saitama. There are plenty of families you can home-stay with and they have dormitories. There is also another school up in Hokiado with a similar kind of set up and is probably cheaper than CAJ. In Tokyo there are high level accredited, mid level accredited and low level (unaccredited) international schools. The most popular schools are the ones with the International Baccalaureate (IB) accreditation and curriculum which is recognized worldwide. Be warned it is very difficult for kids who have grown up in American public school education. If you think you can handle and IB school, look at K International (in Tokyo) or Yokohama Intenational School (in Yokohama). K International is by far cheaper than Yokohama International. As for other schools in other areas of Japan, you may want to check out this website and ask questions there www.piqniq.jp it is a website of families living in Japan and someone may be able to help you there.

From kay: Hey I'm 15 too :) I used to go to Nagoya International ...
Hey I'm 15 too :) I used to go to Nagoya International School in Nagoya. I think the best English education you can get would be at ASIJ, the American School in Japan, which is in Tokyo. They just have a little drug problem.. Umm there's also Canadian Academy in Osaka, Marist Brother's International School, and many more.

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