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Teaching about Japan - Resources for Teachers
By:Michael G.

Anime Web Turnpike
The best topical guide to Internet resources on anime, and manga. This is a good place to begin looking for information, especially useful are links to the web pages of companies, pages put up by anime clubs, devoted to specific series, and many excellent online reference tools or databases. See also Nausicaa.net (http://www.nausicaa.net/) Focusing on the works of Studio Ghibli and its directors, it is a very impressive series of web pages. Several anime related projects are hosted here including the Japanese Animation Press Kit Project (http://www.nausicaa.net/press kit/) which was started to aid reporters obtain accurate information about anime. See also A Parents Guide to Anime (http://www.abcb.com/parents/) which was set up to help parents better understand anime and choose titles for their children. Just as with print the quality of the reviews is mixed, but this is still a handy resource.Contemporary Japan: A Teaching Workbook
http://afe.easia.columbia.edu/ (under construction, September 2002)
Provided by East Asian Curriculum Project / Project on Asia in the Core Curriculum at Columbia University.
Cross Currents
A new, interactive teaching and learning site with both English and Japanese text; currently under development..
A useful set of links including historic, contemporary and statistical maps. The Geographical Survey Institute provides a sample of their maps only. Particularly noteworthy is a site on the Hanshin earthquake of 1995.
Japan Information Network
Created by JCIC (Japan Center for Intercultural Communications) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan to act as the WWW Doorway to Japan. The information about the Japanese society, culture, education, current events, regional information, census data, statistics, and other aspects of Japan appearing on this site is gathered and edited by JCIC. The JIN also serves as a central hub, providing users with links to the best sites for finding factual information they need about Japan. Notable sites include Japan Atlas, Kids Web Japan (for elementary school students), Monthly updated Statistics, Japan Directory, Japan Insight on Japan's trends, Trends in Japan, Puzzle Japan, Nipponia.Japanese History Teaching: Resources
Japanese Language Teaching: Links for Students and Teachers
Japanese Literature
National Clearinghouse for U.S. - Japan Studies, Indiana University
Geared towards primary and secondary school teaching about Japan. Particularly notable for its teaching resources and lesson plans which are in a searchable database.Martial Arts
As part of the WWW Virtual Library Project this is a huge collection of un-annotated but well organized links (including a search index) to all aspects of martial arts. Site contents include Japanese Styles (Aikido, Judo, Jujutsu, Kendo, Iaido and Swords, Ninpo).JGUIDE: Stanford Guide to Japan Information Resources
A topically arranged directory of online information resources in and about Japan, with focus on resources about Japan in the English language. WWW Virtual library for Japan.Teaching East Asia Program, University of Colorado
This Program does outreach to K-12 teachers interested in talking about East Asia in the classroom.
Travel and Study AbroadTravel and Living in Japan
http://www.lib.duke.edu/ias/eac/jpntravel.htmStudy Abroad in Japan
Includes information on programs for high school students.

Source: http://www.lib.duke.edu/ias/EA/Japan.htm

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