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Re: aeon corporation
In Response To: aeon corporation (Xtine)

I worked for AEON during 2005-2006. You experience working there is very dependant on your manager. I've heard many horror stories, although probably nothing as bad as NOVA workers have to suffer. I was lucky to have a great manager, very professional but also a good person, and I had an overwhelmingly positive experience. I made friends with many of my students, and genuinely enjoyed teaching classes. Be warned, however, when you hit the 8 month mark, the lessons get repetetive (the bright side is that by then, you will have mastered the lesson plans, so you can just focus on coming up with new and creative ways to make classes fun).

It is also important to note that the AEON company can be very different than your branch school. I loved my branch school, the employees and students, but I hated going to head office. Because AEON hires many young, newly grads, they feel the need to hold their hand and baby them. Sometimes their policies seem juvenile and needlessly draconian. You just have to try and forget about head office, though, because you branch school will have a completely different vibe. And like I said, this vibe can be very dependant on your manager, so just hope you have a good one.

Overall, I think it is one of the better language schools to work at. And Japan rocks!!

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