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Japan, Shikoku
By:English Schools Japan <koujischools@yahoo.com>

We are an organization specialized in helping foreign teachers and English achools in Japan find each other. We also solve problems. It's a common thing that a person first time in an unknown culture, alien surroundings would have a lot of questions. Would feel helpless or want some help. Then it'll be us there to give it in time.

What we offer:
1. All the ads in the Web look the same, offer pretty much the same conditions, expect the same from the teachers. It may be difficult to make a decision, to choose the right school. And the decision is very important: contracts duration is usually at least 1 year, sometimes more. We can provide you with specific information about schools from the point of view of a western person. Moreover, we will try to find the school that would fit your personality, so that you will feel comfortable there. We guarantee you won't be cheated on.

2. Japan is one of the most difficult countries to adapt to. Where do you throw your garbage away, where are you supposed to get rid of your shoes when entering a house - not many people have a clear idea about those little details that are so important to local citizens. We will provide you with all the DOs and DONTs of Japanese everyday life, so that you know how to behave in different situations.

3. You wouldn't believe how many different westrn assotiations are there in Japan. Teachers coming to Japan are not alone, but they don't always know that. In case of an emergency people have no idea where to go, whom to call. We'll provide you with all the necessary phone numbers, we'll tell you of the clubs and other western groups in your area.

4.Sometimes you have enough information about the school, you know what classes you are going to teach. But that's not all your life is going to consist of. We give you information on climate in your area, on ecology, on city you are about to live in. Where can you eat out, or go out in your free time. It's always better to know where exactly are you going.

5. Some of the schools in Japan offer you an apartment, but some don't. In that case we are eager to help you with finding a good apartment for an affordable price.

6. The worst thing that can happen to you abroad is so called cultural shock when you feel yourself completely alone and helpless in an "alien" country. Remember: we don't abandon you right after you are settled; if there is any problem you can call us any time of the day or night.

What we require:
We help with even the most difficult cases, when teachers come to Japan from so-called non-English-speaking countries. But you have to remember: having a BA is a must. Otherwise you won't be able to get a working visa in Japan.
You also must be serious about your plans in Japan. We don't just provide schools with those who are here to get an easy buck. We respect our clients, both schools and teachers, so your attitude must not be the one of a tourist or of a person who is abroad for a nice party. That is why we demand an interview, either in Japan or over one of the online chat services with voice function such as Skype, MSN or else.
When you are here, you will be asked to take part in a short course where we will explain our teaching strategy. It's to give you an idea of what is expected from you in the school you will teach at for the next year or more.

We are NOT a recruitment agency. But we are a profit organization, we take payment for our services. The prices are as follows:
- in case you need assistance in locating an apartment - $150
- otherwise - $100.

If you are interested please send your resume and a COVER LETTER (please write why you are interested) to koujischools@yahoo.com

Aiba Kouji
Rudolf Strider
Gregory Widen

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