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International ESL Jobs

Hanoi, Vietnam
By:Shelton Development Group <loan.shelton.english@gmail.com>
Date: 22 May 2011

Shelton DG is aiming to provide an excellent and compassionate education for Vietnamese students from all backgrounds!

We have a deep and enduring passion for improving education standards in Vietnam, and as a result we work very hard to provide contracts that address the complaints and issues that many ESL teachers encounter elsewhere in this country. We pay the best rates in Hai Phong and Ha Long, and are the most open and committed company in regards to employment practice. In return, we need teachers who are not just here on a extended holiday, but have a professional attitude, and are inspired by this mission.

Vietnamese pupils vary as much as children from any other country, but they need to learn structure, independent working skills, and improve their ability to listen, but we want them to be achieving a higher standard of performance. Unfortunately you must be persistent and able to utilize fun and soft techniques to achieve this goal, whilst also ensuring you are ‘liked’ by the local pupils and staff. My first batch of teachers have made important strides, but I need people who are able to commit to longer contracts and are confident they can achieve solid improvements and slowly help overcome systematic problems in the classroom.

Director of Study – SJ Mc Gough, Bsc, PGCE, QTS + 9

GTC no. 02/57591

*Differentiated pay based on experience and qualifications

Teachers with a poor degree, lack of experience and a online ESL qualification.

+ Ha Long: $16

+ Hai Phong:$18

+ Hanoi:$18

ESL teachers with a good degree and experience

+ Ha Long:$18

+ Hai Phong:$20

+ Hanoi:$22

Professional teachers (PGCE, Msc, Phd)

+ Ha Long:$20

+ Hai Phong:$22

+ Hanoi:$25

The cost of living varies in each region.

On average we offer 20-22 hour contracts, with a minimum provision of 18 ½ hours for full time teachers.

Year schedule(no holiday pay)

+ Summer school:From June - Aug = 11/12 weeks

+ Academic Year:From Sep - Apr = 34/36 weeks

There is no holiday pay in between these contracts

*Fair warning of cancelled lessons

Remuneration for cancelled lessons is based on how much notice you receive, expect to lose between 4-6 hours a month for public holidays and VN test days, but gain 2-4 hours for lessons you have not delivered.

+ 72 + hours = 0% of the hourly rate

+ 8 -72 hours = 70% of the hourly rate

+ 0-8 hours notice is not enough and you receive 100% of the hourly rate

*Class sizes and type of work

+ 60% Government contracts with class sizes of between 25-45 pupils, even split between 20’s and 40s’.

+ 40% Private ESP and 1-1 tutorials; between 1 -15 pupils

We tolerate the large class-size because we offer free scholarships to pupils who cannot afford to pay and would otherwise have to leave the classroom.

*Curriculum – needs 1 or 2 unpaid hours a week on preparing good lessons, and marking Fingerprints, Let’s go, English file, Let’s talk, Tieng Anh, and a composite IELTS textbook with limited schemes of work and resources. We have designed a new bespoke writing course, 1 bespoke teacher training course, a new 70 page Teaching handbook, a 92 page academic plan, and have rewrote Shelton’s employment practices. I am currently designing new bespoke workbooks and colour textbooks for grades 10 and 11, and we intend to revamp all aspects of our program by the end of 2012.

*Local conditions

Hai Phong and Ha long have communities of 15 – 50 westerners and limited sources of entertainment. Ha Long is beautiful, Hai Phong has more facilities, and Hanoi has the best social life for westerners, but I recommend careful selection when establishing your social circles.

*Profile of the most suitable candidate

You need to be tough, intelligent and tactful enough to know how to win over the local people and students, and you should also have hobbies and plans for dealing with a limited social life. You will also need to have a love of teaching and a commitment and awareness of professional standards, and be interested in truly understanding the local people.

*Other benefits:

+ We pay for all Visas and processing, without proviso.

+ We provide a bonus of $20 per month as a gesture toward helping you with the cost of medical insurance.

+ We try to take our teachers out at least twice a term for a meal or social event.

+ We provide an Airport pick-up service and 2 nights free accommodation upon arrival in Vietnam (for teachers who are not already in situ).

+ We arrange for rooms in local hotels, that offer fairly good conditions for Vietnam, but our teachers do not like the rooms over the long term, and we are endeavouring to offer a lot more help in arranging for private accommodation and putting our teachers in touch with Landlords.

+ We are also looking to provide a half-price moped rental service for our teachers, but this will not be available until 2012.
Interested candidates are kindly invited to send the following documents to loan.shelton.english@gmail.com before June 1st 2011 (summer school) and Sep 1st 2011 (for the academic year).

Please include your CV, Scanned-copies of a recent photo, Qualifications, your Passport, and any health/police reports you are able to provide.


TESOL certification course online recognized by TESL Canada & ACTDEC UK.

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