International ESL Jobs

Khujand , Northern Tajikistan
By:Daniel Cuthbert <[email protected]>
Date: 14 February 2018

Medium size Preschool School for young learners and Language School in Northern Tajikistan.

We are 4 years old and have three branches with 700 students. We are now looking for two foreign teachers of English for 2017-18.

1) A female Young Learner Coordinator for working with young learners in an academic leadership position.
The female teacher needs to have a few years of prior experience of working with young learners. Will run a team of local teachers and also teach a few classes.

2) A teacher of English for our branch schools
No or little experience is acceptable for EFL teacher, but preferably with a CELTA or a YLC. There are between 20 teaching hours of 90 minutes each. Teacher training and academic support will be provided.

Generous local salary will be paid in local currency. Local salaries average between $200 - 350. Our salaries for foreign teachers are far more than local salaries and is adequate for a comfortable lifestyle here. However, it is not enough to service student loans in your home country. Food and services are very cheap here. A beer is 40 cents.

Shared accommodation in a school flat will be provided. All utilities and medical bills will be provided. Free Wifi will be offered in school. Airfare will be reimbursed for a one year contract

We can welcome all nationalities from Asia, Europe and the Americas who wish to enjoy the beauty and simplicity of our wonderful country. Foreign teachers from UK, USA, Australia, India, Poland, Lithuania Estonia, Switzerland, Austria , Russia Ukraine China. Philippines and Germany have already taught here in the past.
Please contact me at my email : [email protected] Or on Skype:daniel.tefl . Mobile :992-929441555


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