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Get Enticed in The World of South India Tour  by: Nikita Martin
South India consists of the most amazing Indian states like Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Goa and Kerala. The traditions and culture of south India are very different from north India. The..
Indian Wildlife Parks: Where the Wild Roars  by: Aarron Smith
India is a tropical country and offers conducive environment for the development of both flora and fauna. There lies many wild life species in India, which attracts many tourists from across the..
India Travel Tips - For a Memorable Tour  by: Rajeev K Singh
India is one of the largest countries in Asia and is vastly populated. India has the neighboring countries as Pakistan, Nepal, China, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Srilanka, Maldives and Indonesia...
Pushkar City  by: Jolly Mazumdar
Situated in the eastern part of Rajasthan, Pushkar is one of the ancient and sacred town of Rajasthan. It is merely 11km away from the most revered holy city of both Hindus and Muslims, Ajmer. Nag..
Mixture of Colorful Cultures and Custom  by: Nikita Martin
The unique regal character of Rajasthan makes it one of the most visited tourist destinations in India. Tourists from western and European countries also take a keen interest in Rajasthan. It is a..
Understanding Facts About Urdu - The Language Of Courtesy  by: asadasrar
Urdu - an indo- Aryan language of Indo-Iranian branch. The influencing languages that gave birth to Urdu are Persian, Arabic and Turkish. Urdu has a contrast with Hindustani, another language of the..
ESL Teacher looking for a job  by: Zaida
Good Afternoon, I am currently teaching Esl in South Korea. I have 2 years teaching Esl and would like to move to India in the near future. Even though my background is in Business is it possible to..
A Memorable Indian Luxury Tour Experiences  by: Nikita Martin
The thought of a luxurious vacation, more often than not, creates a mental image of a lavish 5- or 7-star hotel, with a large, fully equipped suite and a deluxe car accompanied by a chauffeur at your..
A Quick Look of North India Tour Destination  by: Nikita Martin
North India has many destinations to be proud of. It can provide a wide array of packages that covers from both sides of North India. North India Travel depicts North Indian culture and tradition as..
Resources: Mumbai India  by: Mumbai Hotels The Fusion of Ostentatious Comforts
Mumbai is the city with a unique blend of traditional ethnic charm and modern progressive speed and pace. The financial capital of India where on one hand showcases rich heritage of the country in..
Indian Culture - A Traditional Trip to India  by: Sonal Arya
Long history, unique geography, diverse demographics, and absorption of customs have shaped the culture of India. Indian culture is very rich, diverse and unique in its own way. Manners, way of..
Trip To Goa- Many Attractions Rolled Into One!  by: Sanjog
The mere mention of the word Goa conjures up images of exotic beaches with swaying coconut palms, sun-kissed sand, interesting night clubs and picturesque views of the surroundings. The beaches of..
Luxury Hotels in India  by: Kandpal Subhash
India is one of the most favorite tourist places in the world. Millions of tourists visit here in order to enjoy the natural beauty and cultural heritage of this land. To serve this growing number of..
How to Travel Light to India  by: Beth Anderle
Traveling light to India is becoming more of a necessity today as more airlines charge for heavy or extra bags. Here are some tips for packing as lightly as possible. Consider backpacking. Taking..
RAJASTHAN - 'Padharo Mhare Des'  by: Amanda Bos
Sprawling over 3,42,239 sq. Kilometres and covering 10.4% of India's total land, Rajasthan welcomes all to see the scenic beauty, rich culture and seamless galore. Traditionally rich Rajasthan is a..
The Majestic Taj Mahal  by: Thom Sanders
The Taj Mahal is one of the eight wonders of the world, and rightly so, its architectural beauty is a sight to behold and is a fantastic reason to visit India on one of the many India holidays that..
Trip to hill stations in North India  by: Ronald
Trip to hill stations in North India can be a perfect reviving trip to rejuvenate your mind. You can admire the panorama of majestic mountains covered with snow capped peaks, meandering rivers,..
India Tours Offer Cultural, Historical and Romantic Gateway  by: Nikita Martin
India tourism is one of the biggest industries in India. Every year, India is visited by thousands and even millions of foreigners. India tours never failed to amaze tourist with its rich culture and..
How to Reach Taj Mahal  by: Jolly Mazumdar
India, one of the hottest destination of South-east Asia, is embellished with both natural beauties as well as architectural masterpieces of historical significance. Every region in India is very..
What Are India's Main Tourist Attractions And Activities?  by: Farazila Abu
Taj Mahal The world's most famous monument to love, which features on every first-timer's Indian itinery. Built by the seventeenth-century Mogul emperor Shah Jahan to enshrine the body of his..
Young Female, Traveling Alone - India  by: Manuela Pop
Embarking on a Holy Adventure I had a strong grip on the seat in front of mine. I could have felt my stomach shrinking in fear and moving upward, toward my chest. "Ladies and gentlemen, we are..
Visit the Most Alluring Tourism Destinations of Rajasthan  by: Michael Smith
Come to Rajasthan this holiday and enjoy the beauty of monuments, cenotaphs, forts and exquisite palaces. It is one of the most preferred tourism destinations of India. Visitors from within the..
Cuisines From India  by: Sumit Goyal
INDIAN CUISINE The cuisine of India is very vast & it is basically characterized by its sophisticated & subtle use of spices & herbs grown across India.It is also considered to be one of the old..
Rajasthan Cultural Tour – A Royal Experience  by: Jenny Franklin
Cultural and Heritage Rajasthan tour takes you to a perfect journey into the rural and royal Rajasthan that is a completely an unexplored paradise. The culture of Rajasthan offers wide spectrum of..
Attractions Worth Seeing in Bhophal  by: David Urmann
Bhopal is a beautiful middle sized city located in the heart of India. It is popularly known as the "city of lakes." The city has a favorable climate during the months of October to March. It is..
India Travel Guide  by: Julie Bowman
While not a common vacation hotspot, spending your vacation in India is an exciting and adventurous way to experience a unique country with a variety of cultures. With over 1 billion citizens, India..
Attractions of Jaipur  by: Manisha Chopra
Jaipur is the proud of heritage Indian sate of Rajasthan. Located in the semi desert land, surrounded by beautiful Aravali hills with numerous forts, palaces and historic buildings, the city is the..
Amritsar, India Vacation  by: Deep Kalra
A vacation to Amristar, India is one that you will not soon forget, as there are many things to do and see that are sure to keep the family happy during the entire vacation. The Golden Temple is one..
Mixture of Colorful Cultures and Custom  by: Nikita Martin
The unique regal character of Rajasthan makes it one of the most visited tourist destinations in India. Tourists from western and European countries also take a keen interest in Rajasthan. It is a..
North East India- The Perfect Blend Of Eight Wonders  by: Sanjog
Captivating natural beauty combined with a rich cultural heritage-what a happy marriage! Such is the persona of the fascinating land of North East India. The warmth of the blue mountains, angel like..
Cuisines From India  by: Sumit Goyal
INDIAN CUISINE The cuisine of India is very vast & it is basically characterized by its sophisticated & subtle use of spices & herbs grown across India.It is also considered to be one of the old..
India Travel - Most Demanding Tourist Place of South Asia  by: Michael Braganza
India is one of the most demanding tourist destinations in Asia. India is a celebration of life that has been going on now for almost 5,000 years. It is mysterious, colorful, exotic, and always..
India Volunteer Rajasthan  by: RealGapExperience
The Rajasthan volunteer programme is a very unique and back to basics project. Living and volunteering in the Rajasthan Desert, you will be part of a community.
5 Things Foreigners Should Keep in Mind While Visiting India  by: Apoorva H
If you are a foreigner and are planning a trip to India, then it would be a good idea to read some of our tips to help you on your next trip here. India is a multifaceted, multilingual and..
Visit Magnificent Monuments on Rajasthan Tours  by: Mahi Manral
Rajasthan is the largest state of India. Rajasthan is combination of two words "Raj meaning Kings" and "Sthan meaning Land". Hence, Rajasthan literally means the land of kings. And yes, you will..
Rivers in India - Streams of Faith  by: Sonal Arya
India is a land of great physical diversity with its mountains, plateaus, valleys, waterfalls, etc. Such a large country in area is bound to have these various physical features. But rivers in the..
Periyar National Park To Kerala  by: Kerala Packages
Periyar National Park is to be found in the Western Ghats, in the district of Kerala. The lake that comprises of a main part of the park came into being after a barrier was put up on the Periyar..
Experience the Splendid Sands of India with Rajasthan Tours This Year  by: Nikita Martin
India’s largest state Rajasthan is a myriad of colors and rich in culture, well-known for its cultural diversity. This is the home of spectacular lake palaces, sand dunes, magnificent forts,..
How to Get Immunizations Needed Before Traveling to India  by: Collaborator
It's best to plan a trip to India in the winter, avoiding both the blistering summer heat and monsoon season beginning in June. Take your time adjusting to the rich, spicy food and absolutely do not..
Kerala Travel - Discover the God's Own Country  by: Raj Kumar Choudhary
Kerala, the land of 'green magic', is ideal for holidays, honeymoons, wildlife and bird watching, or simply relaxing on the beaches and boats. Enchanting beaches, beautiful hill stations, blue..