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Tips to Negotiate During Shopping in India
By:Emily Austin

Tips to Negotiate During Shopping in India
Shopping is considered as a favorite pass time of the females. But it’s not completely true as both males and females enjoy shopping; it’s just that the latter ones do it quite frequently. Anyhow it’s not their fault, the various beautifully stuffed shops of the Indian market are too lucrative to resist. However irrespective of gender, presented below are a few bargaining tips to enhance your shopping experience at different Indian market places.

Know the Exact worth of the Product you wish to Purchase
Various shops sell the same products with a different price tag. Your task is to figure out the baseline of the product. As you will be investing your hard-earned money for a product, you must make efforts for knowing the exact worth before the purchase. Yes, it means that will have to roam around various shops of the market, but this wandering adds a fun element to shopping in India.

Always Keep that Polite Smile on Your Face
Bargaining is not about augmenting for the lower cost; rather, it’s about agreement on the fair price. So when you negotiate for an item, stay polite and keep a smile on. Make sure to keep the situation as light as possible. Of course you want the seller to settle on your given price, but saving on the cost of upsetting someone is not worth it.

Stick to Your Words; Stick to your Decided Price
Once you have decided to pay a certain price for any item, just stick to that. When you are not ready to pay a penny higher to the decided rate, don’t even bargain below it. It is actually annoying when you indulge in bargaining and back out at the last moment or asking for further low rates. Stick to your words and crack the best deal. This habit might take a little time for inculcating, but is good to have.

Try the ‘Walk Away Technique’
If nothing seems to work, this technique might serve as the game changer. No seller would want his customer to walk away from the shop without making any purchase. So just make sure that while you walk away the seller realizes that you are not in a mood of coming back. With each of your step away from the shop, the seller would quote a lower price or a discount deal. This technique is a sure shot most of the times.

Leave the Flamboyant Look Back at Home
When you are in a mood of bargaining, do not appear too flashy. Just imagine how odd would it appear when you will be bargaining for a normal pair of T-shirt while flaunting off an expensive dress with matching accessories. Even if you are shopping at a place that stands as one of the tourist attractions of India, then also try to dress simple and subtle.

Negotiating and settling at a fair price is what bargaining all about. It’s not a difficult nut to crack; all you need to know is the basics. This negotiation should leave a smile on the face of both the seller and purchaser. Shopping is all fun when you know that you are paying a reasonable amount for the items of your choice. So just try out these tips whenever next time you move out for shopping.

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