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Travel in India

How and What to Experience in Luxury Tours of India

India marked as one of the most visited exotic tourist destinations on the map of the world. Millions of tourists visit India every year to see and to experience the colorful culture of India. It is a great place for both single and family getaways as it has everything a perfect international tourist destination should have. There is a wide-range of travel options available for every kind of tour. Many foreign tourists take a keen interest in the history and culture of India. Luxury India Tours are a perfect way of exploring the wonders of this amazing country.

Everyone fascinates about India and its heritage. After independence, many kings turned their palaces and havelis into heritage hotels to conserve the legacy of their forefathers. Any tourist, who wants to travel in India in a luxurious manner, makes Rajasthan his first stop. It is the first between equals when it comes to royalty and luxury. The sense of royalty is everywhere in Rajasthan. Even its name made of two different words which in combination mean the land of kings. Rajasthan luxury tours give the traveler a chance to experience the royal lifestyle of the kings.

The most important and exciting thing about the luxurious Indian tours is the food. Like the India society, the food culture also comprises of many different styles. Every city has its own special menu of authentic food and cuisines. Indian food has variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines. No other country around the world provides such a wide range in terms of dishes. The spices and herbs used and the method of cooking simple makes a normal dish extra-ordinary. Thalis are also another way of enjoying the flavors of India. They usually contain five dishes in small bowls, which are all served together in a big steel thali (plate) with salad, pickles, etc.

The means of traveling of the kings were also quite luxurious. Fully decorated camels and elephants are used for traveling from one place to another. In the ancient time, it was a kingly privilege reserved only for the kings, their families and the royal subjects. However, now any tourist can experience the joy of these rides with their family. Travel like kings and queens through the busy streets within the city on the back of the largest land animal on earth, elephant. It is a chance no one should miss on their India tour.

Tourists can enjoy many other things in India besides traveling like kings, eating authentic food and staying in a palace. Shopping at the local markets is another fun activity to collect souvenirs for yourself and your friends. Travelers can also visit other great monuments in India, which are famous world-wide. Many of these monuments declared as world heritage sites like the Taj Mahal in Agra. Many cities Pushkar, Delhi, Jaipur, etc. had preserved their heritage buildings. These cities promote tourism by various means like organizing regional fairs and helping travelers by providing well-trained tourist guides.

The above article is featuring about Luxury India Tours and Rajasthan Luxury Tours. Where one can have luxurious point to travel in India.

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