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Travel in India

Explore a Different India in The Pushkar Camel Fair
By:Nikita Martin

Pushkar is one of the most visited tourists places in Rajasthan is known one for having the only temple in the country of Lord Bramha and second of the camel fair. The camel fair is your one time opportunity to experience India’s greatest tribal gathering. This camel fair is held each year in the month of November during the time of Kartik Purnima which means on the full moon night. This fair is one of the most top rated travel experiences, in turn attracting nearly 200,000 horses, cattle and camels along with around 300,000 people.

The Pushkar camel fair brings together farmers, livestock, villagers and traders from all around Rajasthan and portrays an opportunity to witness the greatest colorful carnival. The fair continues for full five days where after the purchase and sale of the best and popular breeds, the well bred animals compete in a parade. A variety of animals are traded, but it is only the camels which rule the trade.

It will surprise you to know that the camels before the trade and competition are thoroughly cleaned proceeding with adorning them with beautiful cloths in interesting patterns. One can also find numerous stalls set up selling exotic and beautiful silver jewelry including many other various camel dresses. Also, the camels have silver bells and bangles hung around their neck, hoofs and legs which jingle when they pass the golden sand dunes.

Over 25000 camels are exchanged during the fair. The camel competition is surely a striking feature of the fair, the camels are decorated to the utmost and they compete in a beauty contest, where the best bedecked camel wins. There are different types of camel competitions in the Pushkar camel fair including the one where a huge number of people sit on the camel’s back. The camel then lopes across the sand dunes and the riders of from its back amidst the crowd of spectators. The camel which results in succeeding in retaining the maximum number of riders on its back, wins the prize in this competition.

Although the spectators and participants take pleasure and enjoy the fervor and festivity, it in finally the animal which enjoys it to the highest. The camels can be seen enjoying the large attention during these five days as they are seen preening before the huge crowd.

Pushkar camel fair is another way to explore the exotic and colorful art of Rajasthan. Items for cattle ranging from jewelry, saddles, beads, saddle straps, cowries and strings all are available in the stalls there along with some special items specifically for the humans like an array of intricate artifacts. Items like bead necklaces, silver ornaments from Nagpur, printed textiles, patchwork and even the famous tye ‘n’ dye fabric from Ajmer form a major attraction.

The fair is sure to surprise with all the things it has to offer apart from just the animals, fun and entertainment including even a large variety in body tattoos.

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