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Tribal Side of Rajasthan – When Cultures Resonate in Tribes of Rajasthan
By:Nikita Martin

Travel to Rajasthan and see different moods of the state. Where one facet is of robust structures like forts and palaces; the other is still sophisticated one with the famous tribes of Rajasthan. Rajasthani tribes are a mirror to cultural and historical legacy of the state. The state houses a divergent colony of traditional tribes, who constitute around 12 % of the state's population which roughly translates into double the country's average. The main tribal communities of Rajasthan constitutes of the Bhils and the Minas.

Bhils and Minas identify themselves from the Rajasthan origins. But Aryan invasion concentrated them into Aravali Ranges. They live here today and are happy with practice of their own set of customs and traditions. However, they have some common characteristic which they share widely, despite of the variations in their style of clothing, jewelry, fairs and festivals. Marriages are strictly not allowed within the same clan as they are considered children of same clan and so are regarded as brothers and sisters. These tribes are religious people though they have lower literacy rate. The religious practices are similar to Hinduism.

Taking tribal tours of Rajasthan is very exciting as the government of Rajasthan is taking initiatives to endorse the ancient culture and traditions of the tribal community, which has conserved the old vigor for years. As an interesting feature of Rajasthan tribal tours, Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation (RTDC) conducts holiday tours where you can meet and mix with the Rajasthani tribes.

This is the best way to discover more about their exclusive lifestyle, cultural ethos, customs and traditions. All this highlights the tribal attractions in the state. You may even witness the awe- inspiring display of armor skills of these tribes and the adroitness with which they use their bejeweled arms. Visiting these places during October – November is the best time because it is the time when most of the tribal festivals fall and you can thus see many colorful festivals of the state. Moreover you can also enjoy excellent performances of dance and music.

Delving deep into Rajasthan tribes, Bhils are known for their art with the arches. They are the most famous tribes of the state. With their name annexed from the Tamil word 'vow' or bow, the Bhils are commonly ebony colored people who trace their origins to the ancient times of Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Another notable tribe of Rajasthan is Minas. The Minas are not only the second largest tribal community, but are also the most widely spread in Rajasthan. Worshippers of Lord Shiva, the Minas have erected many exquisite temples, which represent their highly dexterous skill of stone carving and is a must see for every visitor of Rajasthan.

In addition to these clans and communities there are Garasiya, Gaduliya Lohars who are an integral part of Rajasthan tribal communities. So when you go on Tribal tours in Rajasthan just are sure to experience the life of all these communities. Rajasthan tribal tour packages will definitely offer ample chances to discover secrets of these amazing tribal clans.

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