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3 Reasons to Learn Hindi
By:Daniel C Howard

Hindi is the primary official language of India out of its 22 official languages. It belongs to the Indic language family which is a member of the Indo-European language family. Hindi is also referred to as Standard Hindi, Modern Standard Hindi, Manak Hindi, High Hindi, Nagari Hindi and Literary Hindi. Aside from India, the Hindi language is also spoken in Pakistan, Nepal and Mauritius and some parts of Saudi Arabia, Australia, Malaysia, UAE, USA, UK, Canada, Myanmar, New Zealand, South Africa and Uganda. It is estimated that more than 200 million people are native speakers of Hindi, while an additional 165 million use it as their second language.

With such a huge number of people around the world speaking the Hindi language, it is somewhat obvious that it is a useful language to learn. When one knows how to speak Hindi there are many benefits that can be gained.

· Travel to India. India is one of the most exotic, fascinating and exciting places in the world. Its rich history and culture have significantly influenced the civilization in the East. India's wonderful heritage is manifested in its intricate temples, elaborate architecture and other awe-inspiring landmarks. The places are not the only attractions in India; the culture is as interesting with their sacred cows, colorful saris, tattoos, prayerful meditations and many more. Plus, who could forget their gastronomic cuisine?

Surely, a visit to India would be unforgettable. However, one could not truly appreciate a country and culture as rich as India's if one does not know the language of the population. Therefore, knowing Hindi would be very much helpful during your stay in India.

· To help you fully appreciate and understand the richness of Indian poetry, literature, wisdom, beliefs and philosophy, knowing the Hindi language is a must. Hindi is a beautiful ancient language, considering it has evolved directly from Sanskrit. It is graceful and expressive. And it allows you to study and have a deeper understanding of India's poetry, literature and sacred texts. If you can uncover even a little bit of the mystery that surrounds India, it's worth the effort of learning Hindi.

· With Hindi, you can keep up with the times and have a better appreciation of the Indian pop culture. Who has not heard of Bollywood? Known for their complex settings, good stories and amazing musical dance numbers, Bollywood has found success not only in India but also in the West, such as in the United Kingdom and the United States. Many parts of Asia and Africa have also become fans of Bollywood. These films are in Hindi. If you know Hindi, you do not need to be distracted by the subtitles and you can focus more on the film itself. When you understand what the characters are saying, you could better appreciate their nuances and the films' ingenuity.

These are but some of the reasons to learn the Hindi language. Hindi has turned into one of the most important and useful languages in the world. Hindi has become modern and relevant in this day and age.

Daniel C Howard is a language teacher living in Asia. He has over a decade of experience teaching all ages a variety of subjects. For free info and lessons on Hindi, please visit his blog here.

You can also sign up for a newsletter full of free language tips from Daniel's many hours in a class. And as a bonus, stay updated on all the new information on www.learnhyperhindi.com.

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