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Puskhar Fair - Unusual, Yet Enchanting
By:Raj Kumar Choudhary

Every year during the early October and late November, Pushkar is decorated with hoards of camels. Not in hundreds, the number swells to thousands. Tourists from all over the world come to witness the gala event.

Although Pushkar is famous for its spiritual fervor, it remains atop on the traveling agenda of the tourists particularly because of its camel fair. It is absolutely a unique experience when not merely hundreds or two hundreds of camels come together but thousands of them participate in the Pushkar Camel Fair shoulder to shoulder ready to be bought and sold. The market is organized by local tradesmen who bring the 'ships of the desert' at a centrally located place. The sight becomes enchanting as thousands of camels can be seen leisurely sitting and waiting for their turn.

Amidst all this fascination, there are many instances where these camels are bought and sold. In order to look more beautiful and presentable, they are dressed in beautiful attire thus making them appear gorgeous than ever. This is what makes the entire show mesmerizing and enchanting. Not even a single moment passes without those enchanting sights of camels getting exchanged.

There are sights of people traveling on the tops of these beautiful camels. This is something, which makes them all the more appealing and noteworthy. What's more, even the tourists who come to watch the gala event also participate by sitting on the camel's top and enjoy the proceedings.

The best part of the show is that there are many Pushkar Camel Fair tour packages available. In fact, these tour packages allow the travelers not only to witness the proceedings from close proximity but also stay there during the night time as well. Staying during the night is simply magical as one can witness hoards of camels under the umbrella of stars. What's more, travelers enjoy every bit of it. There are instances, where newly-wed couples among the tourists enjoy the proceedings while camping in the ground. The ambiance of that place is simply magical and inviting.

The beauty of Pushkar enhances with the camels going here and there with their masters. The shining lanterns also provide an impetus to the ground where the whole proceedings take place. In fact, it becomes simply beautiful and inviting as far as proceedings is concerned. That is why scores of tourists from all over the world come and participate in the fair.

Recognizing the success of the events, even the Government of Rajasthan also provides infrastructural support to make proceedings hassle free. This is primarily done to promote tourism in Rajasthan. Without a tad of doubt, Pushkar Fair is an event, which is enchanting and appealing. It is indeed one of the unique events taking place in Indian context.

Raj has been a professional in article writing for over 3 years. His experience is extensive and he provides professional travel consulting and booking services at Pushkar Fair http://www.visittnt.com/pushkar-fair-india/.

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