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Making Trips To India – Discover A New Land Everytime
By:Jenny Franklin

India is country where a visitor is the placed as high as God and hospitality is considered as the most vital religion. There is a lot to explore and lot to be experienced here at this magical land of where history is not buried but kept alive and culture is not a thing of past. Diversity is one of the main characteristics that will mesmerize any one on a trip to India and perhaps there is hardly any other place in the world which has so distinctly varied places sharing the same spirit of nationhood.

The nation is extremely proud of history and culture and any historical visit will take you such amazing places like Delhi, Agra. Rajasthan and South India. They reveal the imprints of magnificent past when kings and queens were at the helm of power and believed in leading a luxurious life at the forts and palaces, which are still standing high. Any trip to India is incomplete without visit to the Taj Mahal which is the epitome love and romance. It is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and this is the reason that tourists from distant pockets of the world visit. The forts and palaces spread across the city of Delhi are also extremely sought after tourist destinations.

North India is especially famous for its rich natural splendor and trekking the Himalayan heights is another favorite occupation among tourists. The Himalayan range has great beauty and the hill stations and the valleys situated here are beautiful beyond expression.

Trips to India take you to such amazing destinations like Goa which has world wide renown for the plentiful of sun kissed beaches the golden beaches of which offer unlimited scope of entertainment. Place like Kovalam situated at Kerala is famous for the backwaters, the cruising experience at the houseboats is something that tourists immensely enjoy. The other attraction of Kerala is the Ayurvedic spa resorts situated at different locations of the state. The unique treatments offered at Ayurvedic spa resorts prove beneficial for rejuvenating experience and leaves tourist with tranquil experience.

Trips to India take you to such wonderful pockets that exhibit that have amazing monuments and temples from the past. South India is especially famous for the numerous temples that are terrific in terms of artistry and the masterly art of construction. The peninsular part of India has very rich art and culture in addition to natural splendor that makes it place of interest for tourists. The different spices found here are famous world wide visiting the orchards that produce the spices that are specially known for their flavor is another attraction fro tourists.

The other interesting thing about trips to India is the food found; one will be amazed to find many different kinds of food found in different parts of India. Trip to India is complete treat to the senses and is one of the experiences of lifetime.

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