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Best Clean Jokes  by: funny guy
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Give me quotes for a teacher to a student  by:
I want to advice my student, so give me some famous quotes from a teacher to a student.
How To Marry A Wealthy Guy  by: Ailsa Forshaw
How To Marry A Wealthy Guy (or Girl... Or at least Make Sure they're a Good Money Manager!! ha,ha!) Here are some little tips so you can at least spot a wealthy (or soon-to-be-wealthy) guy: 1. If..
Humor: The TOP 50 WAYS to Survive College for the First-Time-Off-To-College Kid  by: Johnnie Lewis
1. Never miss a meal – you might regret it later that hour. 2. Park your car accessibly close. 3. Don’t park in timed zones (2 hour, etc.) – parking overtime adds up. 4. Don’t park in No Parking..
Laughter Beats Stress  by: Scott Wells
You should incorporate some humor in your life. What would it be like to go around in a serious state of mind all the time? You've got to laugh sometime. Laughter is good medicine for you and you..
Joys of a Used Car  by: Duncan Kelly
My 1988 VW is not just a used car. It is also a previously abused car. There's bits of airconditioner left bolted on in the engine compartment with big gaps where the working bits should have been...
Special Delivery! Tips for Improving Your Humor  by: Tom Antion
Delivering humorous speeches involves a lot more than simply having good material. Take some time to incorporate these tips into your presentations and watch the fun and laughter factors rise. In Fun..
How to Unleash Your Inner Comedian  by: Doug Stevenson
Where did we learn that we have to be serious all the time to be taken seriously? In my experience, it’s just not true. When people laugh, they learn. With this in mind, let’s explore how you can be..
Funny Sayings- Simply Bad Life Tips  by: Boaz Ben Dov
Do you ever ask yourself why did I get out of bed today? Is this all there is to life? And where the hack I left my car keys? Don't despair; it's not too late to turn your life around! Well, unless..
18 Funny Friendship Quotes To Make You Laugh  by: Noel Jameson
No one can make you laugh quite the way your friends can, and there's nothing like sharing a few funny friendship quotes with those closest to you to make your day shine a bit brighter. Here are 18..
Re t-shirts   by: fn
The Pepperoni Conspiracy  by: Patricia Nordman
One long night while investigating a San Diego psychiatric hospital for medical insurance fraud, dozens of FBI agents had worked up an appetite. So an agent called a nearby pizza parlor for delivery...
How Much Do You Know About Halloween?  by: S. Roberts
How much do you know about the spooky holiday of Halloween? As you probably know, Halloween is celebrated on the 31st October and the name Halloween descends from the old name Hallows Eve, the night..
Top 10 Things to make your next company meeting more exciting Part 1  by:
10. Take notes in finger paint. 9. Bring a huge jar of Vaseline to the meeting. Display it prominently and keep muttering the words “I came prepared” 8. Laugh uproariously at a quip that was made 2..
Top 10 Things to make your next company meeting more exciting Part 2  by:
10. Slowly slump in your seat. When you are about to fall off the chair, suddenly straighten up and apologize profusely. 9. Remove your shoes and socks. Lay your socks on the table, turn each one..
Laughter Alone Is The Solution - No Jokes  by: Sebastien Gendry
Can one be happy and stay positive in such a stressful and challenging world? My friends and I regularly answer to the top of our lungs with an affirmative “yes!” at the end of every laughter session..
Retirement Jokes  by: Kevin Stith
Retirement is a very crucial phase in a person's life and it needs to be taken in a lighter vein. Most people feel grouchy and uncertain about life after retirement. Retirement ought to be accepted..
Twelve Simple Rules for Sucking Less Than 'Eight Simple Rules'  by: Charlie Hatton
America is a country of sitcom watchers. We all like a nice chuckle now and again, but unfortunately the good shows are outnumbered, outgunned, overwhelmed, and often obliterated by the bad. In an..
Funny Poems, SMS Jokes and Funny Jokes - An Analysis of Humor  by: Martin P Kerrigan
This article explores the many facets of humor and what makes something funny. From funny jokes, SMS jokes and funny poems to twisted wit and the distinctly odd. The trait of humor is uniquely human...
15 Funny Quotes To Celebrate Joke Day  by: Noel Jameson
If laughter is the best medicine, then funny quotes are my prescription of choice. After all, who couldn't use a good laugh or two? Help spread the Joke Day celebration and share these 15 funny..
30 Phrases That Make Women Fall In Love  by: Heather Lee
Tonight, it's all about you. Is not great to hear a man want to please you for once with no thought about his own satisfaction? Let us just hope he follows through! Babe, you look HOT! I love your..
Re: Viking Trekkies  by: DOOG
Just one small disclaimer here. Vikings were Danes. They were Viking when going to war only. All other times, they stowed their Dragons heads, shields etc and became Danes who were traders as you..
Harry Potter series: Good news/Bad News joke  by:
Add another line or so ... copy the line before you to continue the joke. ________________________________ Good News: Bertie Bots has a new flavour. Bad News: It was suggested by Looney Luna Lovegood..
Jokes For Jay Leno: Celebrity Jokes  by: John T Jones, Ph.D.
I’ve noted that Jay Leno is still hurting for jokes. This is the third of my helpful articles providing original jokes to poor Ol’ Jay. This time I’ve decided to use one of Jay’s favorite topics,..
Even the Gods Laugh: How Humor Becomes Transformational  by: Diane English
Most of our lives have become caught up in the dizzying stress, anxiety and self-created drama of the fast paced, twenty-first century. It was slower back in the 14th Century; I miss those days. Just..
No Nursing Home for Me (joke)  by: Van
About 2 years ago my wife and I were on a cruise through the western Mediterranean aboard a Princess liner. At dinner we noticed an elderly lady sitting alone along the rail of the grand stairway in..
Everything is funny as long...  by: ek
Everything is funny as long as it is happening to somebody else. Will Rogers
Why Having a Laugh is So Important  by: Duncan Kelly
We all know the importance of exercise to get our circulation going, strengthen our muscles and keep us mentally sharp, but what about the internal aerobics we should be doing, called laughter?..
Humor - Computers 4 Beginners  by: Robin Day
Some folk ain't joined the computer revolution (like me). They are behind the times so I have drawn up a list to help ya along. 1.Mainframe This is the great big frame that goes around all the other..
A Christmas Of Good Intentions  by: Tim Knox
If the Christ child had been born in a mall instead of a manger, we would not be celebrating Christmas today. The Three Wise Men would have never found a place to park. Then again, everyone knows you..
The Bare Truth About My Butt Quiz  by: Timothy Ward
Forget about the SAT, never mind the FCAT, and remove forever from you mind any thoughts about the ACT. All these test pale in comparision to the examination that I just failed. Failing those test..
5 Rules For How To Write A Classic One-Liner Joke  by: Sandy Marcus
I'm a psychologist, not a professional comedy writer (After all, how funny is this first sentence?). But when, about 20 years ago, I took up to an hour each day (and I mean, for 365 days) just to..
Re: t-shirts   by: fn
Chuck Norris T-shirt
Perpetual Emotion Machine  by: Robin T. Day
Are you a perpetual emotion machine? Something to coincider.
Jokes, The World's Best Medicine  by: Boyd Troublerr - MD
What were the last jokes that made you roll around on the floor because you were laughing so hard? Did it involve a doctor, a priest, and a lawyer? Was it on a TV show, or part of a stand-up comedy..
Re t-shirts   by: fn
Halloween Tricks for Trick or Treaters  by: Suie Roberts
Want play a trick on those, Trick or Treating rascals that call on your house this Halloween? We have the perfect Trick or Treat, treat - Chocolate covered brussel sprouts! We all know how much..
Bat Ejection Techniques – Country Survival Course #27  by: Nola L. Kelsey
People lie! They lie about the bliss of rural relocation. They lie about the size of fish they catch. They lie about being there for you. But, mostly, they lie about bats! Such a silly thing, yet no..
Re t-shirts   by: fn
Using Spontaneous and Observational Humor  by: John Kinde
An impromptu quip will hit the target more often than a canned joke. Imagine this. I arrive at a junior high school auditorium for a teacher inservice program. While setting up my session, I note two..