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The TEFL Academy has courses running every month in locations throughout Ireland.

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FREE multiplication song (MP3)
By:Eddie Miller

Dear School, Board, Other,
Recently in South Africa I have giving teachers and schools, my free GOOD BIRTHDAY WISHES (with singing) and GOOD BIRTHDAY WISHES (backing track) and SING MULTIPLY TABLES songs on cd. They may be downloaded free (they are mp3s) at http://www.ilike.com/artist/Swayseeker/ and thereafter distributed and copied for others freely.

If you want to make cds from the mp3s you have downloaded you could do something like this:
1) Hold down Ctrl key and click on the mp3s to select a group at a time.
2) Click on Copy To Audio CD
3) Click on Copy (Burn)

You do not even have to mention my page - just download and copy and distribute as you feel if you like.

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