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ESL Bingo Printables
By:ESL Bingo <>

Free sets of printable materials for ESL bingo games for the classroom:

For each game, you will find:

* Information about what the game is designed to help practise or teach

* Instructions on how to play the game

* A set of free printable materials, including bingo cards (also known as "bingo worksheets" or "bingo boards") for playing the game

* Suggestions for variations of the game

* Instructions on how to create your own bingo materials of this type (for example, to produce more bingo cards or use different words), using the Bingo Card Printer software.

The games currently available are:

* Airport and Travel Bingo

Practise airport and travel terminology.

* Animals Bingo

Practise the names of animals.

* Body Parts Bingo

Practise the names of different parts of the body.

* Business and Finance Bingo

Practise business and financial terminology.

* Colors Bingo

Practise the names of colors.

* Countries Bingo

Practise the names of countries.

* Fruit and Vegetables Bingo

Practise the names of fruits and vegetables.

* Household Items

Practise the names of household items.

* Kitchen Bingo

Practise the names of kitchen items and activities.

* Jobs Bingo

Practise the names of jobs, careers and occupations.

* Medical Bingo

Practise medical and hospital terminology.

* Office Bingo

Practise office and workplace terminology.

* Restaurant Bingo

Practise words relating to eating out and restaurants

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