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Percent Calculator

This online percentage calculator shows how a percentage is represented as a fraction of a number. To find a percentage of a number out of a total, simply enter the values in left side of the calculator with the partial number as the numerator (the value on the top) and the total as the value on the bottom (the denominator). The calculator will calculate percentage value numerically, and show you the same value as represented visually.

This percentage calculator also functions as a percentage to fraction calculator. Simply leave the numerator and denominator values blank (or click the ‘Clear’ button) and then enter a percentage. The corresponding values will be shown in the main panel of the fraction calculator.

Because percentages are by definition fractions out of a hundred, if you leave the denominator blank, the calculator will supply 100. If you want to use a different denominator, simply enter the denominator first then, a percentage. For example, to find out what 40% of 200 is, enter 200 in the denominator and then 40% in the percentage to get the result.

The calculator will approximate percentages to two decimal places, but you'll see the percentage to a larger precision if the calculator rounded it where the main results are presented.

Playing with this percent calculator and seeing how different fractions and percentages change these verbal descriptions will help you understand percentage concepts thoroughly.

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