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A great app for listening practice!
By:Richard <[email protected]>

Hi everyone,
I graduated from Boston College in 2015 with a computer science degree, and have been coding for Android for nearly 5 years. I thought it was time that I gave back to the community, so I developed an app to help students with listening practice. Whether you are a student or a teacher, I believe that what I have created can be a useful learning tool. The app is and always will be free with continuous updates to include more content. The app has many more features than just listening.

The following are a list of features:
1. Audio playback based multiple choice sentence selection quiz
2. Listening practice organized by lessons with looped playback of individual sentences and whole lessons
3. Recording functionality paired with sending via email
4. Audio and text exporting (because I want the content to be available to anyone and everyone!)
5. Attribution to lesson contributors (a bio page for anyone who has recorded 20 sentences for a lesson)

If you have sentences that you want to include to help you teach or learn, let me know via email :). If you want to become a contributor, email me just the same :).

Without further ado, here's the link:


LolliApp | (02) 393 - 1289 | [email protected]
72-4, Ehwayeodae-gil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul

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