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Free e-book with 20 Warm Up Activities
By:Global Training, Coaching and Development for Educators <[email protected]>

Are you an ESL/EFL teacher looking for fun, and easy-to-prepare warm-up activities? Please visit my website to download a FREE copy of my Top 20 Warm-up Activities for Busy ESL/EFL teachers.

Why Should I use a Warm-up Activity with my Students? There are several reasons why it is important to begin your class with a warm-up activity. A warm up activity or “warmer” can help your students by

▪ motivating them to arrive on time
▪ getting their attention and involvement
▪ preparing them to learn by stimulating their minds and/or bodies before a lesson begins
▪ boosting their energy level and concentration
▪ making the transition from Cantonese outside the classroom to English inside the classroom
▪ providing a lead-in to the lesson topic

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