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Taffy - 2019-01-08
In response to Re Teaching in Asia (FTinPRC)

Your writing indentifies you as a citizen of Asia (comma splices and subject/verb agreement). Since this website now only posts comments of this quality and screens out criticism (no doubt this post will not be posted), I can only assume that the site has been purchased by an English-illiterate individual who is milking the last remnants of adv-click income.
Good luck with that.

Hahaha! Well, Trumpsey, it's clearly been reluctantly dragged into the New Year by some old rusty milk-churn laden Del Boy opportunist dairy worker, who wot bort it for a song and wants to flog it on for twice the dosh- but we can't be sure, maybe Fifi and co got fed up. Having said that, you're spot on about old comma splicer chops.

I do miss the likes of you on the forum (not that you are not a one-off) I hope that retirement in China is still suiting you. We is fine, but on Saturday we had a hotpot which I dislike. However, I said it really tasty, so on the strength of that her-indoors is doing another one this weekend. The ingredients look like they could send you to the mortuary double-quick.

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