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The Shadow Knows - 2018-09-11

Several supposed "recruiters" are now using and have been using Craig's List to recruit teachers.
Its a great place for buying a used blender, but not hiring teachers.
The recent scam is supposed jobs in Liaoning Province.
My characters applied for positions there, most of which needed immediate placement.
All my "teachers" were "pretty" blonde hair and blue eyed candidates with all the right stuff.
The response was, they need time to find positions there...

So in other words, they openly admit they're just collecting data.
Remember, these were supposed urgent needs for hiring.
All my people just ended a contract and have valid residence permits, letters of release, CELTA, etc.

I am currently working a clown that thinks I have high student loans and he wants to help.
I already know for certain the SOB is working out of the Chinese consulate in LA.
He's going to help me find a job in China.

Do NOT trust any and all supposed recruiters people. Its high-risk and you do not know who you are dealing with.
Teach in your own country, do what is required to become licensed and be happy.
China is an enemy of state.

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