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The Shadow Knows - 2018-09-09

So, I have the supposedly highly sought after PR card. As I stated in earlier posts, that, and 8 RMB can buy you a cup of coffee at KFC. The only value of it is that you don't need a working visa or any visa to come and go from the PRC.

I titled this post the PR Card THUD because that is exactly what happens when I am checking out scam artist "recruiters".
The commonly asked questions are, what's your phone number, visa type, do you use WeChat, etc.
I have found that when I run decoy "teacher" ads on various ESL and related teaching boards, we can call that trolling, that like a shite magnet, the fish are biting quickly.

One would think that in the case of a supposedly desperate school for a self-created "urgent problem" such as someone doing a midnight runner, teachers leaving due to broken contracts, culture shock, and whatever else, that when along comes a light skinned female that does not need a visa in order to work, that they'd grab me up in 30-seconds. Nope!

Here's why.
They don't want to deal with someone that can speak the language that has a Chinese husband.
They don't want someone that knows the lay of the land.
They don't want someone that does not need visa processing because with that situation, there are no documents to collect, copy, sell, defraud, and make profits from above and beyond the remotely possible actual job offering.

I get the proverbial THUD! Game over, going no where fast, thanks, but no thanks.

They really don't want anything to do with me when I use Skype to call them, and speak Chinese, letting them know, I am in China right now, (I'm actually not in China at the moment), and that I will, at my own expense, personally go to any school(s) they need me to go to for a personal interview and free demo classes.

The reason for this is simple. There is no money in dealing with someone like me because its not about finding teachers. It never usually is. Its about the collection, copying, sale, trade, and distribution of passports, diplomas, and other documents for sale on the black market that they reproduce using extremely high-quality paper, seals, inks, stamps, etc.

I know another person with a PR card.
By no coincidence, and we teamed up on this little gem of a reverse scam a few months ago, that person gets the same cold shoulder I do.
They also speak Chinese, have a Chinese spouse, and know the drill.
They work for a foreign company in China as do I when I am in China.

Western logic would be that if a person has a valid PR card, they are a good hire in the PRC with no drama and very fast processing.
Chinese logic is quite the opposite and certainly so if the front of the store is selling make-up while in the back of the store, the bread and butter of the operation, is, for an example, an illegal chop shop for high-end automobiles.

Its not about teachers, its about penetrating the USA, Canada, and elsewhere with black market identification, data stealing, and related fare. Its about human trafficking, money running, keeping illegal operatives on foreign soil, and so much more.

Anytime you give some "recruiter" your WeChat, and phone number, 8 out of 10 times, that data is almost immediately being stripped and they begin checking your location, call frequency, etc. China Mobile is, after all, a state run enterprise.

While we are on scams:

This joker contacted one of my fishing lures and wanted all my personal information for a supposed job in a town I never went to and know nothing about, but my fake post said I did.

From: 蓝 海 <keming99@outlook.com>
Sent: Saturday, September 8, 2018 12:22 AM

Do you have WeChat to communicate?Contact : Wechat: J519625926 Tel:18697543368 Email:519625956@qq.com

I am providing this for anyone that wants the information working in the intelligence community or law enforcement or perhaps the consulate there in Beijing.

I have also confirmed that more than 2 dozen of the so-called "recruiters" are actually all the same person operating out of a government building location in China and its not a school.

As a side note, I really am a licensed educator, but not presently working in education. I am however gravely concerned for those of you out here that may already have been scammed and don't know it yet. If you've been abroad for a period of time, you need to check your credit reports and its a good idea to freeze your credit bureau files across all three platforms before you leave the USA.

In some cases, your ID will be used while you are abroad and they even pay the bills! They know you are overseas because your HR manager is on on the scam with the people using your ID and that person tells them when your contract will end., etc.

Remember something here. All it takes is some stupid intern, hourly clerk that could care less, or a similar mindset to answer the phone, or the email when thinking they are talking to you based on data you previously handed some idiot recruiter, and they just go with the flow and fork over whatever else the caller is asking for which might even include your social security number depending on the campus, the day of the week etc. If its Friday at 450 PM and the clerk wants to be helpful and go home, it sucks to be you.

Hey, Flo, its Billy Bob, class of 2012, Professor's Jones former TA...Hey listen..I'm here in China and the fax machine here is total crap. Can you send me XYZ via email to BillyBog@YeahWhatever.com please? My student ID number is XXXXXXX An hour later, and guess what? Jack pot. Social, and an entire student file.

Another scam I reverse on them is asking where they are located at.
The reply is Tim Buk Two. My response is, wow! What an amazing coincidence. I am actually in Tim Buk Two also and in XYZ District! I must literally be 10-minutes or less from your office! Can I offer you a coffee or come by for a visit and bring my documents in person?

That's not going to happen either because there is no actual office, and if it does exist, its not an office like you are thinking and they absolutely do not want you to see their faces.

Do not trust working in education in China. Do not trust any recruiter even if they have an actual office because many of the people in those places are not bonded, licensed, insured, background checked, etc. They do not have data storage safeguards in place either. Its a total crop shoot and its high risk.

If you want a sample of this, just create a bogus email account that actually works, draft up a resume, post it online, and sit back and wait for the fish to bite. You will be talking with criminals on the other end in short order. Collect it all and forward it all to your embassy.

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