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The Shadow Knows - 2018-09-03

Someone asked me. Why block all of your student records and vanish from campus registry using FERPA and the 1974 Privacy Act?
Well...its done daily actually. According to my university I never attended there. That's by design. In cases of stalkers this is routinely done. In cases where you work in China AFTER giving someone all of your personal documents for a supposed job that does not really exist, it closes the gateway to further attempts at identity theft and it protects you. I've actually had two schools attempt to do this to me and I later learned the actors were tied to the Ministry of State Security. Remember when Mossad stole valid ID from several Australians to go kill someone in a foreign country? Its an example of how your ID can be used in cross border operations and with the Chinese this is quite common. Certainly so in port cities with container ships heading in and out of the USA. Chinese hop off, avoid immigration and customs, and off they go to the nearest Grey Hound station armed with names, numbers, and valid paper. Many of these operations inside the USA take place in various China Towns.

Do not give any of your documents to a 3rd party first of all, and if you actually get a job in China, which I would advise against, take your documents to the government yourself or go with the self-proclaimed "HR manager" and personally hand them to the PSB and Foreign Expert Bureau yourself to try and mitigate the potential for ID theft.

If your documents are all notarized and verified...well...the scammers love that even more. Why? Because it adds massive value to your documents on the black market. First off, they know the ID is clean and "safe" for international travel and for the movement of money. They can use it to turn on gas, water, electric, get a library card, a grocery store discount card and keep going from there piece by piece. Remember, they don't actually need to go anywhere in order to assume your ID. It can all be done with point and click.

They will sell to ID theft people illegally in the USA needing a paper trail and recently near the US Mexican border for Other Than Mexicans (OTM) illegally entering the USA. This also furthers human trafficking.
They will sell them to fake diploma mills who will remove your name, and add another person's name to all of your documents using similar paper, weighted inks, etc.
They will sell them to import and export people needing foreign ID to dodge import taxes on high-end cars with a will call notice at the port.
They will sell them, give them, or trade them to Chinese government agents such as Ministry of State Security.
They will sell them to marketing agencies.
They will use them to establish a profile on you and when you least expect it, you find a new friend who is exactly like you with all the same interests and its true love....

These problems are increasing daily.
There are billions of dollars being paid on the black market and dark Web for good paper.
There are literally clearing houses for this data that you send into China.

I have been behind the scenes on most of this and actually made photographs and videos of these operations. I am in process of sending them to the proper agencies.

Do not work in China. Do not trust recruiters.
If there is any part of this you do not understand, please call your local FBI field office if you doubt any of this and in fact, have them look at this post as well. By now, most of them already have been notified as it is.

China is an enemy of state.

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