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Byron - 2018-07-19

I've been working in China since 2010 and I have to say it redefined me. I first went there thinking I would change China but in fact it has changed me. I've learned patience, a higher degree of responsibility and independence and gained new perspective of the world around me. I've also made quite a bit of money. Currently I enjoy two months a year in Richmond, BC where I relax and wind down. Yes the experience can be overwhelming so if you ever decide to do this, you will find you need such a break as well. I currently work for the board of education in Shenzhen and though my salary is not as high as it was when I taught in Canada, the cost of living is about a third that of Canada, so I save most of what I make. Not to mention, I subsidize my salary with a few private students from time to time (I charge about 100.00 Canadian per student, per hour and this is a very competitive fee in Shenzhen). It should be noted that doing this is outside the allowances of the work visa but as I do it in my own home (in Shenzhen) it is allowed. Currently in Shenzhen working for the board of education requires one to go through a government sponsored consultant, though this may be changing and will result in higher salaries for foreign teachers. There are various companies that offer this service but the one I have worked at over 6 years now is called CIPTC (Chinese Personnel Training Center). it offers an extremely competitive salary with incentives, guaranteed job placement, weekly professional development courses, work permit sponsorship and processing, and regular cultural activities, not to mention social events organised by the over 300 teachers currently employed. I know this sounds like a recruitment but be assured I am not a recruiter. I am only a teacher whose experiences in China have been overwhelmingly positive. As I say I am in Canada July and August every summer, so if you would like to learn more over a beer, please reply here or call me at 778 297 0537. I would be happy to pass along any interest you might have to my employers (most of whom are good friends of mine now). Have a great day! And I welcome you to take on this fantastic adventure.

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