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janetfrik - 2018-06-26

Add a Comment We started working for Hai'an Sesame Street in July 2017. The first lie they told us was during the interview when they said the school is located in Nantong. It's almost two hours away. They broke contract numerous times, they change working hours as they want. And it state clearly in the contract you get two off days, which we didn't get until we resigned three months later, as we were exhausted for six days a week. We haven't been reimbursed for the three months that we worked six days a week. They promised that we will live alone as we are married, and that didn't happen either. After a few months they asked us if we will renew our contract and we said no. That was when things turned sour extremely fast, the school's principle (he is a lazy- don't- do -anything person) threaten to blacklist me and as he said "I will make sure you can never cone to China again. " I asked him on what terms, as we have never even been late and we are not doing anything illegal or wrong. Leo was constantly on our backs, he can not even speak English... But will correct all foreign teachers on their pronunciation.

When our contract was nearly finished the boss refused to give us a cancellation letter, eventually we resigned again in order to give us enough time to make alternative arrangements, as our residency visa will be expiring soon. We gave the school 30 days notice, a few days before we were about to leave Kevin pretended that we never resigned. Luckily S (head teacher) kept the resignation letter.

The school will use you as a marketing monkey, you will be asked to lie about your credentials (they told us to lie and told the parents we have been teaching for four years.) They will ask you to sign fake contracts which state you earn a low salary in order for them to evade tax. You DO not get public holidays as your're off days will be moved to fit right into the actual public holidays. They also do not teach Sesame Street's curriculum, but an an Oxford curriculum, when head office inspected the school everything will he hidden and no one is allowed to mention anything about the curriculum. The boss, K owns two schools, Hai'an Sesame Street and Best English. We truly do not advise anyone to work there.

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