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Silverboy - 2018-03-29
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As an MGTOW Fifi I have a responsibility to educate other men about the dangers of marriage. Their is NOTHING in marriage for men. A marriage certificate is just a piece of paper for a man and is of zero use to him.

On the other hand, a marriage certificate is the most important document a woman can ever own. It gives her the ultimate power over a man, she can divorce hm any time she wishes ( when she gets bored with him, tired with him ) and she can take half of his assets, half the value of his house, even if she never made a mortgage repayment on the property. If the couple has kids the woman can take up to 75/80 per cent of a man's assets and get child support from him on top of that. The state will be right behind her to enforce all this.

The woman has the power of the state behind her to destroy a mans life. If a man is unable to pay the often idiotic and totally unreasonable child support payments he will be thrown in jail or will be driven to suicide. You think this does not happen?

There are also many myths and propaganda about marriage: The No 1 lie is that "married men live longer". This is totally false and been discredited by various studies. I've lost count of how many times I've been told, "you are so lucky not to be married" by other men. I tell them I was married before but learned my lesson.

Married men work more hours ( 400 hours more per year to be precise ) than single and divorced men. This is a proven fact. That is NOT A GOOD THING! Although I don't like Brad Wilcox and Prager University and the idiotic video they made about marriage this information is correct. Sure, the married man is working more, but that is of no benefit to HIM! How does working more hours benefit YOU if you are married? It is also true that married men are more "reliable" employees. That is for obvious reasons: An employer likes married men because they are much easier to manipulate and enslave. The married man knows he can't lose his job, cause if he does his wife will divorce him, take his house, sue him for back child support and have him thrown in jail or drive him to suicide. The ideal employee is a broken horse. A single guy can just tell an employer to fuck off. He can find another job or start his own business. A married man does not have this luxury.

Lets say a single guy was earning 70,000 dollars a year before marriage. After tax he got to keep all that for himself and spend it on what he wanted and doing what he wanted. He married, and he's earning say 120,000 dollars a year because he was forced to get a second and third job because of pressure from his wife. A woman will without doubt divorce a man if she feels he is not earning what she thinks she is worth. So, sure, the man is earning more, but he's not making more money for himself, he's making it for other people! He is not better off if he has to share his income and split it four or five times with other people, he is WORSE OFF! He is under pressure from his wife and kid (s ) to make more money all the time. What is good about that? Why would anyone put themselves in that position? It does not make any sense!

That 400 hours a year he is working more , for some men it is up to 700 hours a year could be spent doing things he likes and enjoys. He could be spending that time having a good time with his friends or following personal interests.

Married men have a lot more stress than single men. They generally work a lot more, are sexually frustrated, have higher rates of alcohol abuse, drug abuse, depression, and suicide. Men, especially in the USA are killing themselves in droves because of inability to pay very large child support payments that are unrealistic. I ask, where is the woman's financial responsibility when it comes to providing for kids? Men are threatened with long jail sentences and are driven to suicide thanks to the family court.

Marriage, in it's essence, is a man choosing his slave driver. Some people will argue that men need a woman, need marriage to "motivate" them? Think about it: Do you really need a woman, a slave driver to motivate you? A single guy can get a second or third job if he wants and make more money. He does not need marriage to motivate him! Marriage is a man being negatively motivated to "improve himself".

Men, I'm not asking you to sacrifice and enslave yourself to a woman. Do what makes YOU happy, spend your money on YOURSELF! You know what makes you happy: A woman who wants to marry you certainly does not know what makes you happy and does not have your best interests at heart!

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