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#1 Parent Fifi - 2018-03-29
Re: Life goes on

It's a lovely story, Taffy.

She is worth both a UK birthday AND a Chinese birthday. I vote in favor of both.

There were moments over the years when you sounded kinda not the type to share a small one-palm-tree remote island with, but when I see her radiant and very confident smile, I realize that you know how to empower women, which is frankly rare for men of your generation. A lot of the troll stuff you throw on the board is only a bunch of decoys because, at heart, you are a great man, Taffy, whether you try to hide it or not.

And a married man of course.


#2 Parent Alias Taffy - 2018-03-29
Re: Life goes on

Thanks, Fifi.

I was just casting my mind back to a chilly night not unlike tonight on about the 10th February, while four years, when I arrived to pick her up in a bran-new pram. That first night I slept with her in the lounge, I can't think why- she in a cot and me on the sofa..not a lot of sleep. Now I have to calculate when her Chinese birthday will be.

#3 Parent Fifi - 2018-03-29
Re: Life goes on

She is more and more beautiful, and she looks HAPPY. You are doing a great job, Taffy.

Alias Taffy - 2018-03-29
Life goes on

I might have worries, being pursued by the un-dead in my own town, being hunted by the Chinese police after the un-dead shopped me, but today is my daughters birthday and I must use that stiff upper-lip and celebrate.

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