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#1 Parent Giovanni - 2018-03-29
Re Morgan School, San Benedetto Del Tronto

I know the person who runs this school. She is a greedy selfish liar who has exploited staff and cheated students. [] is the director of Morgan School in San Benedetto Del Tronto and she is a rude and unprofessional woman who tries to steal wages and exploit teachers. She runs the school with her stupid sisters who can not even do basic admin and paperwork. Nobody would work for her, so she uses her sisters to sit in reception and take money off students.

#2 Parent La Caramba - 2018-03-29
Re Morgan School, San Benedetto Del Tronto

This story is another instance to prove my point that quality education and business simply don't match and can't go together. Business and quality education are antagonisms that will never work together. The clowns running such franchises know nothing about education and will always put business concerns (making the quick buck) first. You cannot expect anything else from them. Why would a qualified teacher work for such an outfit in the first place? It is a garbage place like any other training center of the same kind.

Carmen - 2018-03-29
Morgan School, San Benedetto Del Tronto

PLEASE be careful of some scam schools who exploit and steal from teachers, such as the Morgan Schools in Italy. Morgan Schools in Italy are a new franchise operation. However they give some of the worst support for teachers. One of their terrible schools is the branch in San Benedetto del Tronto (Marche). This school is a small and new school that has very limited resources and has given people very bad training. The school has a director who is incompetent in running the school and doing basic administration. Teachers who need to speak about certain issues are intimidated in approaching the director for support. Just to enter the office is a daunting experience. The director has personal issues and deals with her personal affairs in her office. This often results in a 'get out' attitude and a closed door policy when teachers need to speak to her. Very unwelcoming behaviour.

Teachers who need support are often not given what they need as the Director does not make the effort to really engage with a teacher and discuss the courses and materials. Over-time is never paid unless a teacher has to beg the director to pay. This is an unprofessional environment to work in. Teachers are required to work 27 hours and anything over is extra pay. However, the Morgan Schools always try to shy away from paying that overtime. They enjoy hiding the extra pay and trying to claim it was in regular time. It is a great strategy that they use to exploit teachers and save their money. You must keep very close accounts of your hours to ensure that you get the full pay that you are owed. You can not rely on Morgan School to give you overtime pay. Morgan School seem to have a very good marketing for business and getting students enrolled. Their first priority is definitely the money, but the Teachers are left to feel exploited, manipulated and even abused. The director of San Benedetto's branch has her personal issues which she brings into the working environment, often with mood swings which can be frustrating and result in mis-information about courses and teaching materials. Many classes have students who are not the correct level for their course. Also students in some classes are at mixed levels which is not effective for the learning environment. However, the director claims to be 'always right'. Concerns about courses may be eventually heard but need to be repeatedly stated before the director will even understand and consider what you are saying. The students of courses who are in mixed levels often have problems and complain. But Morgan School always like to blame the teacher for this, even when it is the school who put the students together and caused the problem in the first place. But, it's Ok for the director as she just wants to get her money from students, regardless of which class she thinks is right for them.

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