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#1 Parent gards - 2018-01-15
Re man on the verge of MGTOW

Gan on man gerum telt son haha

Okay enough of the geordie/mackem speak. You are a wee bit down on Asian women in general? Western women too it seems hehe

The level of narcissism amongst Chinese women is breathtaking. The grovelling Chinese men just lap it up. I'm like, man up ffs you grovelling weasel. See it everyday over here, no spine some of them. Stand up to your woman, she will like it eventually and respect you more for being...a man. Which is what she wants. That and to feel "safe" That can take form in terms of wealth also. Obsessed with money this lot.

#2 Parent Silverboy - 2018-01-01
Re man on the verge of MGTOW

The evidence points in the other direction. I have received DOZENS of e-mails and friend requests on We chat from individuals who have read my posts on here. ALL of them have been positive. The majority of readers on this website agree with what I say. I have NEVER had one negative e-mail or any abusive ones from readers of ESLTB. You and your kind are on the losing team!

#3 Parent Silverboy - 2018-01-01
Re man on the verge of MGTOW

You are a beta male wimp who can't handle the truth. All of the stuff I 've posted on here IS the truth. I'd say there is even hope for you, You can abandon your adherence to the social expectations of women and society. You can adopt the MGTOW way of life and change your life. In your case though I wouldn't hold my breath!

#4 Parent caring - 2018-01-01
Re man on the verge of MGTOW

"Sooner or later" you'll be the lone poster here. :)

Silverboy - 2018-01-01
man on the verge of MGTOW

"I don't hate women but I can't stand to be around them for any length of time".
"Sooner or later if I'm in their presence they are going to want something".
"It takes all my energy sometimes not to tell them to fuck off".
"I have told them a few times and it felt good, really good"
"I could literally walk around all day telling women to go fuck themselves".
They really have nothing to offer men these days!

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