foxy - 2017-12-26
In response to Re Huaqiao (Wise Man)

Get a girl from Brazil or maybe Slovenia or Estonia. No more Asiapany.n women or white girls from England or the good ol USA.

Reminds me of a Hungarian I met in Hohhot way back in the early 90s. He was the manager of one of those microbreweries set up in a local hotel. He had been a sailor at one time.

He raved on and on about a Brazilian gal who was on the game in Rio. He looked like Lenin and visited some KTV rooms along with myself and hotel management staff.

Unfortunately he was sent to Tianjin at very short notice to deal with a brewing problem at one of his company's microbreweries there. He worked for a Chinese company. He was a great guy. His Hungarian wife was a schoolteacher in Budapest. He was thinking about dicorcing her, but they had a little boy to consider. Divorce is not so easy when there are kids involved.

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