Wise Man - 2017-12-25
In response to Huaqiao (Changchun Kid via Changsha)

Changchun Kid, you certainly are a man of the world!

I dunno about men these days, Chinese, Pino, Thai, Vietnamese, none of these Asian women seem any good.
Self serving little twats out for themselves like politicians!

That "Silverboy" bloke who posts on here sometimes seems to think that Thai girls are ok but I beg to differ. I wonder if he has heard of the gold scams by women over in the Land of Smiles?

Thai and Pino girls are just as bad as Chinese as far as I can tell, maybe even worse! I lump them all in the same basket.

Get a girl from Brazil or maybe Slovenia or Estonia. No more Asian women or white girls from England or the good ol USA.

Marry any of the above and you are on the road to financial ruin!

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