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Silverboy - 2018-03-29

MGTOW brothers welcome to contact me on We Chat: SilverShaun2017. Those in Pattaya from January 15 onward I will be at Triangle Bar every day from 1.15 pm onward or "Amon Massage and Bar" across the road. Ruby Club Soi 6 from 5.45 pm till 7 pm, Lisa Bar next door from 7-9 pm. LK Metro after that. Say hello and have a beer if you are around.

Had a problem with my phone and We Chat lately. Many fellow mongers and MGTOWS know I post on here and I've posted notifications on two of the Pattaya ex-pat sites also. My phone and We Chat are back in business now.

Cheers and more and more Chang beers ( and girls )



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