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#1 Parent Silverboy - 2018-03-29
Re: Re It's turning....

I always say it's better to call a spade a spade. Since when do all women have the right not to be called whores? I 've called Chinese women whores on here before because I think they deserved it. I don't know about this woman Kristen but she could take legal action against Trump if she feels she has been defamed in some way. You also ignore the fact that an allegation is not proof. People less powerful than Trump are taking their enemies to court for defamation. T

#2 Parent Silverboy - 2018-03-29
Re: Re It's turning....

Not sure about the context of that story. Is Trump claiming this senator is a political whore because ( he claims ) she came to him looking for contributions? If he said "she would have done anything" or words to that effect I assume that is a sexual reference. It all seems to be just bullshit anyway. Need a thick skin to be in politics. If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen. This applies to men and women.

#3 Parent Curious - 2018-03-29
Re: Re It's turning....

You might have not seen or realized the extent of the result of yesterday's election in Alabama, a ruby red (Republican) state that elected a Democrat to the US Senate. It's a huge slap in the face to all men - including trump - who think they can abuse women.

Part of the public reaction is this editorial in a publication that has been so far perfectly a-political: "A president who would all but call Sen. [US Senator] Kirsten Gillibrand a whore is not fit to clean the toilets in the Barack Obama Presidential Library or to shine the shoes of George W. Bush."

#4 Parent Silverboy - 2018-03-29
Re It's turning....

No, Trump will not collapse. His supporters will not take any notice of the accusations against him. It's all fake news according to them. You should also remember that allegations without any proof are meaningless. Political analysts in both the USA and Australia have predicted that sexual harassment claims against Trump will have zero effect.

Like the woman who claimed Trump assaulted her on a plane: no evidence, no details. What airline was it? What date was it? What was the flight point of origin and destination? Seat number? What was the date of the fight?

What was the weather like? What about other witnesses? Of course, they can never answer any of these questions.

It's not just Trump. Now men are guilty until proven innocent. The Australian actor and Hollywood A-lister Geoffrey Rush is currently suing a Sydney newspaper for defamation over unsubstantiated claims of harassment against women. Women should be careful from now on about making up bullshit stories about men and also other women. They will retaliate. Rebel Wilson was also recently awarded several millions dollars in damages after being defamed by a Sydney gossip magazine. The courts are taking this stuff seriously. Wilson was only expected to get 250-300,000 AUD. A couple of million sends a message to the media: don't make shit up about public figures.

Saying "Trump assaulted me" is not evidence. A man staring at a woman is not rape or assault. A man refusing to give a woman a job is not "harassment" either.

Curious - 2018-03-29
It's turning....

Alabama, a RED state, just voted Democrat.
It's happening.
But surely.
And the accusations of women against trump, following tonight's win in Alabama, will further erode his standing.
When Mueller is ready with his charges against trump, trump will collapse.
Friends, there is hope!!!
Let's keep working for the 2018.

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