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The Shadow Knows - 2019-01-08

Pollution, espionage, terrorism, ID theft, harassment of US embassy personnel, illegal use of sonic weapons against the US Consulate in Beijing, harassment of foreigners, false arrests, threatening to shoot and sink US warships operating in LEGAL status in international waters, visa fraud, Chinese students engaged in spying operations on behalf of the Chinese government while abroad, as per their own intelligence laws in Article 7 An organization or citizen shall support, assist in and cooperate in national intelligence work in accordance with the law and keep confidential the national intelligence work that it or he knows.   第七条 任何组织和公民都应当依法支持、协助和配合国家情报工作,保守所知悉的国家情报工作秘密。
The state shall protect the individual or organization that has supported, assisted in or cooperated in national intelligence work.

Let's not forget human trafficking!

AND TODAY, a whack job stabs 20 kids in BEIJING a supposedly "safe city" while no doubt, farmers in security guard costumes looked on bewildered. Which by the way, given the situation behind China and the USA and Canada for that matter with hypernational society brainwashed for years, is exactly what will happen when YOU get attacked coming and going to work. https://www.rt.com/news/448284-20-children-injured-three-in-%D1%81hina/

If you are still kissing Communist Party ass, while in the USA, the economy is BOOMING and jobs are EASY to find and wages are good, you should be a slave and deserve to live in Communism forever.

REAL AMERICANS and Canadians that give a shit about anything, ought to do runners after your next paycheck. You owe China NOTHING. Those Commujist rat bastards would kill you in a second and tink nothing of it.

Threat level for the USA and Americans in China is already at level 2 on a 4 scale, and 3 is easy to reach.
MANY foreigners are being detained during exits from China for no valid reason and are essentially fucked with.

If you think that your return to the USA will be filled with excitement from friends and family and former co-workers, you're wrong. The "experience" you gained in China will not be given a second look and NO ONE cares that you learned to speak Chinese.

Wake up to reality and get the hell out ASAP.
Pack your shit, get paid, do a runner and don't even think about ever going back.
Its going to get much worse.
The GDP for China to debt ratio is now at 300% and soon 400%
Very soon, your foreign face and white skin are going to get you injured, incarcerated, or killed.

Let those Commie bastards teach themselves.

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