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The Shadow Knows - 2018-09-29

On all my decoy email accounts that I use to fish out Chinese spies, con-artists, and liars, all claiming they're recruiters, they get the following reply on my auto-response.

Dear Recruiter.

Thank you for your email.
Please send me a clear scan of your Chinese national ID card, front and back,
your business license, tax certificate, statement of registered capital, and current office
lease agreement as well as your filing of registered capital.

After receiving that documentation I will pass it along for background investigation and verification.
From there, assuming everything clears, I will consider scheduling an interview at your office in person.
In an effort to safeguard China from criminal elements I think this is the best way to proceed and enforce
China's Rule of Law.

Thank you.

Of course I have received hundreds of replies with fact-filled data so far. (Not).

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