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#1 Parent Margaret, The Troll Basher - 2018-06-21
Re Trolls

Hello, cha siu bao (what does that mean?)

Is Guangzhou some academic district in Tianjin? Any particular training centre which will pay well and keep me on my toes?

Thanks, Love. Margaret.

#2 Parent cha siu bao - 2018-06-12
Re Trolls

Ply your trade at a Guangzhou training center.

Many to choose from.

You will be paid very well and your young students will keep you alert.

Margaret, The Troll Basher. - 2018-06-07

Soooooooooo cute I thought when one of my students who’d been abroad on holiday brought me a story book with this picture in it. But the troll king does have sinister likenesses on ESL sites, those failed foreign teachers who enjoy slighting Chinese schools and training centres which mostly are not half bad.

By the way, does anybody know any good training centres in the Tianjin area? I fancy a move to somewhere livelier. Loooooooooool.Margaret

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