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Silverboy - 2018-03-29
In response to Age discrimination in Thailand (Adrian)

I think you are right to some extent. I've lived in Thailand before and my ex-wife is from there. Thailand is not a PC type nation like many Western countries.
China is the same.

Employers there do not have to take age, race, gender etc into consideration. People are often discriminated against often in terms of race, gender, age, and many people see nothing wrong with it.

A lot of employers will only employ the prettiest girls and most handsome men ( including female bosses ) and this is not just in bars and restaurants but in all sort of industries. Whether they are dumb or not or really qualified for the job is often irrelevant.

Racism is rampant. There have even been signs outside of beer bars and go-go's in Pattaya saying "no blacks, no Indians, no Chinese, no Arabs". I feel that this is because they are mainly the groups that cause trouble, but imagine if you put up a sign like that in the UK or Australia!

People over 40 are considered to be old as far as employment goes. Remember though that in the West it's the same. Sure there are "anti-discrimination " laws but employers will come up with all sort of excuses not to employ anyone over 45. I know that in Australia I am on the scrapheap as far as working for any employer is concerned ( I'm 49 ) If I want to ever work again it will be self-employment.

I would try central Bangkok or Pattaya to find work, as people there are more open minded as far as age and work goes, for white men anyway. Other than that, you can just marry a Thai girl for a visa and do private tuition. More than a few guys have done this before, believe me! Thai women certainly do NOT discriminate against farangs as far as age is concerned!

I also suggest to try a few universities, don't waste time with any training centre or private school. They are all shit whether in Thailand or elsewhere in Asia. The problem is systematic as many ESL long timers have pointed out.

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