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Adrian - 2018-03-29

I'm a native English speaker from England - with a neutral British accent.

I have a degree in English.
A TEFL certificate.
Current and previous teaching experience.
High standard of grammar.
Can also teach French as have French university certificate.
Clean police from the UK CRB/DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service).
Excellent references.
Undertaken voluntary teaching in Sri Lanka a few years ago.

EXCELLENT! - great CV - no problem getting a job in Thailand!


I have applied for 26 jobs in Thailand since passing my TEFL course last month - NOT ONE REPLY!

I think the reason is age discrimination - I'm 53 - not a bright eyed fresh faced kid out of university and leaving home for the first time.

I've seen many other jobs but I've not applied for these because the maximum age wanted is 45 or 50.

If this was the UK it would not be allowed!

Just because I'm not a spring chicken doesn't mean I can't teach or have the energy of someone younger - I have valuable life skills and experience.

Rant over - I'm wondering if anyone else of a similar age has had this problem - and if so, did they get a job in the end in Thailand?

Can anybody recommend schools/language schools in Thailand that are wiling to give a mature experienced teacher a chance?


Adrian (not over the hill, nor past it or even near retirement age)

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