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#1 Parent Silverboy - 2018-03-29
Re advice to young guys in twenties:

Yep, these American hipsters really are fuckwits, I agree! No doubt this shit will trickle down to Australia, it usually does.

Generally, just avoid nightclubs. The ones in Pattaya are good though, although some farangs are keeping away from Wallking Street due to the possibility of a terrorist attack.

Can't blame them as Walking Street represents everything that most Muslims hate!

#2 Parent Silverboy - 2018-03-29
Re advice to young guys in twenties:

A good old fashioned lager would be more British style, right? Those old fashioned British pubs, gotta love em!

#3 Parent foxy - 2018-03-29
Re advice to young guys in twenties:

In American there's currently the EDM/Vegas influence which is big on the table service;there's also the hip-hop fans that are big into buying champagne etc. It's all bullshit....


Thankfully, not in English, too!

#4 Parent Silverboy - 2018-03-29
Re advice to young guys in twenties:

Ok, I was unaware of this. Sounds terrible! I hate any sort of table service bar or club. That "book a table" shit used to piss me off in China. I,'ll stick to Pattaya nightlife, best in the world as far as I m concerned. No tables, bookings ,or any of that shit, although there are small tables in some places
Give me 808, Insomnia, or Marine Disco in Pattaya over shitty Soho in China anytime!

#5 Parent John O'Shei - 2018-03-29
Re advice to young guys in twenties:

In American there's currently the EDM/Vegas influence which is big on the table service; there's also the hip-hop fans that are big into buying champagne etc. It's all bullshit and I fucking hate anybody who actually buys into that shit. There's nothing fun about constantly having to sit on a sofa or stool when music is playing.

Unfortunately, America (or should I just say (((Hollywood)))?) always culturally influences the lowest common denominators of other countries; especially when it comes to its trashiest music and media exports. So sluts and third worlders just lap that shit up and try to imitate it.

#6 Parent Silverboy - 2018-03-29
Re advice to young guys in twenties:

I liked that post, I 'd say it is fairly spot on. I really hate the table service shit also. Most Chinese "bars" ans "discos" are all the same shit.

Fucking tables everywhere, annoying cleaning ladies coming past every few minutes, the same dancers on every night, same music ( you can time the songs to within 30 seconds each night )

Nobody, or mostly nobody can dance or sing well.

So in the USA it's like that also? I won't go anywhere where you need to book a table, and I hate those fucking decanters of Chivas Regal and red tea that are popular in China and those rip-off fruit platters.

Probably the worst bars in China are those terrible "Soho" places. I went to the one in Wuhan on Yongjiang Dadao and also the one in the disco street in Nanning. Both exactly the same, same formula, same ol shit.

Mostly, I'd say avoid nightclubs for pussy also, but I'd agree that art students and art teachers also are usually up for a bit of sex. I suggest to FT's in Guangxi who want to get laid fairly easily, hang around near the Art College in Nanning, plenty of students and teachers there looking to get laid with foreigners. They are more open-minded. At most places it's not so easy though, not in 2017.

#7 Parent John O'Shei - 2018-03-29
Re advice to young guys in twenties:

I'd say that a nightclub should be a place to consume illicit substances, knowingly yet unknowingly dance like a twat for a hours on end to some banging tunes, enjoy friendly interactions with random strangers, end up in no fit state to pull a girl or even be capable of banging a girl, before leaving to some afterparty to continue the night's excesses before facing an horrific comedown that leaves you feeling like shit until Wednesday. Better yet, just substitute the illicit substances for booze and merely suffer a hangover and a late Sunday roast dinner and a few pints at the pub if you can even drag yourself out of bed. Regardless of how shit you feel afterwards, you'll most likely have vague yet happy memories of having a good time and will probably repeat the experience.

Americans (sorry, but I'm not sorry to say it) and Chinese people are fucking idiots when it comes to nightclubs, with their pathetic table service, champagne, Grey Goose, posing and all that bollocks. It sounds like they're pretending to have a good time rather than actually enjoying themselves.

If you're going to waste money and time in nightclubs, waste it in the right kinds of nightclubs and don't plan on pussy being part of the equation; even if you may luckily bump into it fairly often. Or am I just reminiscing about a time when nightclubs weren't so shit?

Usually when I go to nightclubs of my own volition now, they're really small and dingy places in tier 1 cities with adventurous Chinese hipster types that are at least open-minded to consider something other than a Chinese disco; even if they're a bunch of narcissist sissy boys and sluts as well. Still, you can occasionally bang some art-student or fuerdai type chicks, if finding pussy is really your main objective.

Silverboy - 2018-03-29
advice to young guys in twenties:

Some guys are slow learners so here is some more great advice from Silver:

Many young men still waste their time and money going to nightclubs in feeble attempts to meet "Miss Right".

Newsflash: You are never going to meet "Miss Right" in a nightclub, you won't even meet "Miss Right Now" unless you spend a mountain of cash. AVOID NIGHTCLUBS! You can be super handsome, ripped, tall, and have a six pack, all good and well but you will still get nothing in 2017 unless you flash the cash.

A nightclub is where women go to put themselves on a pedestal and look for admiration from men and try to compensate for their lack of ability at anything and lack of social skills. They will wear slutty but expensive low cut dresses, spend 150 dollars at the hairdresser and get high heels and an inch of make-up. Their only interest in being there is to show off ( because they are totally narcissistic ) and wait for rich men ( new or old money ) to take them home and fuck them and then they will try to trick these dumb fucks into marrying them.

When I was young and a model I used to go these type places and waste hundreds of dollars on drinks every weekend and now I wish I could get that money back. Fuck, now I realize I was never even attracted to white girls in the first place!

There is a dumb woman on You Tube who gives men "dating advice". She stupidly suggests that men should "carry themselves well" when they enter bars and clubs by being "well dressed" and by "having a look around for thirty seconds and and then "getting your smart phone out and pretending you are looking at messages". A woman will think you are waiting for someone and "in demand and hot property" if you do this.

I can imagine a bunch of guys walking into the middle of bars and clubs and getting their phones out after 30 seconds and staring into them, looking like TOTAL IDIOTS!

Bars and clubs are only good in SE-Asia where you know there will be plenty of professional freelance whores hanging around who you can just pump and dump and not even have to buy her a drink in most cases. Outside of Bangkok or Pattaya I wouldn't bother going to a disco.

I'll tell you one way to piss women off in places like China and Australia and the USA however: Go to a flashy disco, you may have to wear leather shoes, but often you can just wear stone wash denim jeans and a white T-shirt if you are a guy. However, wear an expensive Oris or Seiko watch, and expensive gold and silver chains. Women will think you are mega rich and try to hit on you. Just sit at the bar, enjoy your drink, the music, and flashing lights. IGNORE THE WOMEN WHO TRY TO SPEAK TO YOU OR MAKE ANY ADVANCES!

Women REALLY HATE THIS! You can literally see the anger and rage and resentment in their eyes, as you are not going to be spending your hard earned money on them!

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