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#1 Parent Fifi - 2018-03-29
Re: Re non-alpha males

"What many men don't like is this idea that women have a right to breed. No, you do not."

I agree.

#2 Parent Silverboy - 2018-03-29
Re: Re non-alpha males

Yes, you are right. Even an MGTOW still agrees that men are 50 per cent responsible for the financial burden of raising their own kids ( the biological father )

I see guys in Pattaya and Bangkok ( I know some ) who got their bar girl GF pregnant and I see them taking their son to the beach or buying ice cream for him ( or her )

Sure, he has a responsibility to the kid even if he does not care about the mother any more.

What many men don't like is this idea that women have a right to breed. No, you do not.

#3 Parent Silverboy - 2018-03-29
Re: Re non-alpha males

Yes, they should pay half the financial burden if the kid is theirs provided there is DNA evidence like you said.

#4 Parent Fifi - 2018-03-29
Re: Re non-alpha males

SB, you can't be saying that women have to have the exclusive financial and moral burden of raising the accidental children of guys who do not want to pay for wifes/families (with the boys growing up to be like their fathers). Please explain your thinking cause it can't be what i just mentioned.

#5 Parent BeenThere - 2018-03-29
Re: Re non-alpha males

Even when reproducing accidentally, men still have to pay for child support (provided DNA evidence).

#6 Parent Man of Truth. - 2018-03-29
Re non-alpha males

Now listen up Miss PRC. Usually your posts are reasonably well written but you are off on a tangent in this case.

You are getting your alphas and betas and blue and red pills mixed up, seriously mixed up!

A long long long long time ago..........before the wind, before the snow.........well, maybe not that long ago, there were alpha men who were conned by the emerging "feminist movement" that women deserved more rights but that men should still provide whatever women want financially.

Te pendulum has swung. It is the BETA MALE who is now the fool still thinking he should marry and have a kid and "provide" for a wife and family.

In 2017 AN ALPHA MALE DOES NOT MARRY, they DON"T HAVE KIDS, they don't waste money buying expensive dinners for lazy and greedy women at expensive overpriced restaurants.

The new normal is to not spend ANY money on ANY woman! Men who think they must still marry women, buy them houses and cars and have kids for them are becoming a laughing stock, the subject of scorn and ridicule.

A real ALPHA MALE does not look for admiration and approval from a woman. Most ALPHA MALES are going MGTOW or otherwise asserting their independence in various ways. Your assertion that a BETA male should be a role model for young boys is ridiculous because in your case you think it's means that men should respect women just for being women. NO, THEY SHOULD NOT!

You can rant about feminism, "women's rights", this "MeToo" rubbish all you want. Your kind is going the way of the dinosaurs. Feminism has been exposed as the scam, fraud, and hoax it really is.

Just like all the other scams and hoaxes in this world like HIV which over 2000 leading virologists, microbiologists, evolutionary biologists, medical researchers and journalists, infectious disease experts, have declared is a 300 billion dollar a year scam, a waste of taxpayers money and the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on this planet. Sex is not dangerous, never has been, and HIV and "AIDS" is not sexually transmitted. As of even now this "virus" has NEVER been isolated in a laboratory. It can't be because it never existed in the first place. It's all a massive lie and bullshit.

So keep believing all this shit, feminism, HIV, "global warming" and all the other nonsense you liberal types blindly believe in with ZERO EVIDENCE!

You are on the losing team. BTW, many men in Pattaya, ALL ALPHA MALES are still re-producing mostly by accident after getting bar girls pregnant. So sadly for you, there will be hundreds, thousands of little Silverboys, Man of Truth, Wise Men running around the streets of Pattaya in the future. Giving a Thai gal a cream pie instead of withdrawal will lead to pregnancy.

These men will transfer the values "men first" and not providing for a woman to their offspring.

Your idea that men in Pattaya don't breed is laughable. We will breed only accidentally though, not because stupid women think they are entitled to have a kid.

You are on the losing team. Better get used to it. Like Jimi Hendrix said "they're livin' in the past". YOU, miss, are living in the past!

FTinPRC - 2018-03-29
non-alpha males

Studying primates we learn that:

"Offspring, especially male offspring, raised in a group in which their father is the alpha male, throughout their juvenile phase enjoy a host of advantages over less fortunate monkeys," said Perry, a UCLA anthropology professor who has studied capuchins for 22 years. "A stable, peaceful family environment may have been important to the well-being and future success of children among our remote ancestors, just as it is to children today."

"Since alpha males are responsible for siring the majority of offspring, gaining the leadership spot is very important for reproductive success,"

Males from broken families, without successful Alpha male fathers, are not so lucky.

"Subordinate males are very rarely the fathers of the young males, but they play with them a lot," she said. "They're really good baby-sitters."

It is probably best that the off-spring of non Alpha males seldom reproduce. They are best relegated to the wet winding streets of Pattaya.

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