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caring - 2018-03-29

Enlightening reply but what about the elephants and the eager Chinese and American poachers that've just become legal business people?

I am always wondering about the ignorance of the computer keyboard warriors who are commenting on issues they know nothing about.

I have followed the political development in Zimbabwe very closely in the past 4 decades or so. When I was a student, Mugabe and his ZANU were still freedom fighters in Zimbabwe formerly called Rhodesia. When I graduated, Zimbabwe was liberated and Mugabe came to power as the first Prime Minister. He has been a dictatorial ruler for the past three and half decades, and although everything looked promising at the beginning, his regime managed to ruin the country politically and economically.

Zimbabwe is populated by a number of different ethnic groups, one of the largest being the Tsonga speaking a Bantu language of the linguistic Southern Bantu language group called Xitsonga.

Political parties and their followers in many African nations are organised along ethnic lines. That is, in Kenya, for example, the largest ethnic group are the those speaking Kikuyu, and they support the current President Kenyatta from the same tribe. The opposition leader is a Luo and his followers are also mostly Luo. It's less political concepts that matter than ethnic affiliation that does matter. There are evidently inter-ethnic conflicts between various groups, and they also work along these political party lines bound by ethnic affiliation. Those in power, as a rule, are corrupt and thus ruin the country.

This also applies in the case of Mugabe and his ZANU. He and his clique had been in power for too long, and since dictatorial regimes will not simply disappear when losing a parliamentary election, the only option for a change is a military coup. It was high time for this to happen in the case of Zimbabwe, and whether things get better or would even go worse remains to be seen. I wish them well, and the political opposition has all my support and sympathy there. In other words: The military coup has all the potentials of a change and a new beginning which has been long overdue.

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