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Silverboy - 2018-03-29

Silverboy advice for the young blokes: (22-30 y/0 )

1) It's 2017. However, many men are still conned into thinking that must be "providers" and marry and have a kid.

This is social pressure, what I've called and MGTOW's call the "social expectations of women and society". It's all bullshit. Remember this: YOU don't owe ANYONE or any woman ANYTHING!

2) SO, Rule 1 is DO NOT MARRY and DO NOT get involved in ANY serious relationship with a woman.

3) Save your money. Invest the cash you would otherwise be wasting on dating, eg, bullshit like dinners, gifts for women, taking them to coffee shops and bars and paying for them. Buy something that will appreciate in value. You are NOT an ATM machine for these useless women so DO NOT GIVE THEM ANYTHING! You do not need Western ( or Chinese ) women for anything.

Have a good think about it: I mean really think carefully about this: What do they have to offer YOU!

They've got NOTHING to offer you! Mostly, no money, they are ( mostly ) fat and ugly, they have no personality. They can't cook, are lazy and won't do anything for a man. Remember, you can learn to cook and clean for yourself anyway.

4) There are many things you can invest in. Buy a property within 10 km of a major Western city CBD.

If you can afford to do this in Australia or the UK especially you are well on the way to being set up for life.

You can borrow a lot if you need be as you are buying an asset that will only increase in value. Melbourne in Australia for example is an excellent place to buy a house ( don't buy an apartment in the inner city ) It's population will soon top six million and keep going up. Not a good place to live but 10/10 for investment purposes.

5) Concentrate on work. Pay off your mortgage as quickly as you can and rent your place out also if you can to pay it off faster.

Remember, although property is expensive, interest rates are low. You should not listen to family and friends putting pressure on you to find a GF, marry and have kids. You will be the one with all the stress if you marry and have kids. Remember this is about what is good for YOU, not what your family or friends think is good for you.

6) Investing in gold or silver bullion is also a good idea and you can do this instead of buying a house if you like as an alternative and just rent. The idea is to invest in things that APPRECIATE in value. So that means a CHEAP CAR! Buy a Corolla or Camry or a Hyundai accent. Luxury cars are a bit of a wank and only for wealthy retired men in their 50's and 60's.

You should not buy a 40 or 50,000 dollar car that drops 30 per cent in value a few months later.

7) I know what you're thinking: "Oh, I need a woman for sex". That is in fact true, but do you want to marry a woman and be stuck with kids and a mortgage for thirty or even forty years just to get some very infrequent sex? There are hookers everywhere, use them. Make no mistake, it's ten times cheaper than having a wife. Heard this phrase, "good things come to those who wait"??

The best things come in your forties and fifties, believe me!

8) When you are about 35, it's time to formulate your escape plan from the West and it's horrible feminists and disgusting multi-racial population. The West has nothing to offer you, I mean you being a white male.

Remember, you are a hated species, you are just an enemy in your own country and and specifically targeted for discrimination. Forget about these idiots who tell you that "you will die alone in a nursing home", your kids ( if you had any ) will never visit you in the nursing home. There is no such thing a a "family legacy" it's all BS.

9) Think about where to go? Thailand or the Philippines? Now South East Asia is great, but there is still a downside. There are pros and cons to both countries.

As this stage of life you might consider having short term GF's or looking for better hooker experiences. In my opinion Thailand, specifically Pattaya is the only way to go.

You can just go short time, or have the full GFE ( girlfriend experience ) for one or two days or a week or a month. An Asian GF in the West can't provide you with the same sort of experience you can get in Thailand or Philippines. Asian women in the West are NOT Asian, not REAL Asian women anyway.

10) The best bar girls in Thailand are the ones in their early 30's to mid to late thirties. They will take good care of you, but DON"T MARRY THEM, DON"T HAVE A KID WITH THEM!

Any sort of marriage will ruin your life, stress you out and damage your health.

Well I think this is all sound advice. I have copy and pasted this on the other sites I post on.

Anybody who wants extra advice can contact me by e-mail if need be.

SB ( Shaun ) MGTOW promoter and follower.


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