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Silverboy - 2018-03-29

I was just thinking: About half the world's population more than that, lives on about 10 USD a day or whatever in their currency given current rates.

Then, for people like myself: I'm sometimes jealous of people with more money than I have. However, I'm able to buy almost anything I want.

I own a few properties. I can go to Pattaya or Cebu anytime I like. I can afford to buy any watch I like except some type of Rolex and Omega. I could even buy that but don't want to extend myself.

If I want I can buy more gold and silver chains. I can buy all the nice shoes and sandals I want.

I saw a video which I tried to post on here: A guy on You Tube who frequents Bangkok or Pattaya said, "Sometimes we have to pause for a while and think about how privileged we really are". "Is a bad night out in Pattaya really that bad" ???? They are not his exact words but something to that effect.

A first world problem is a Western guy frequently visiting Pattaya for example and feeling stressed out because he has too much choice.

Having to choose between 35 go-go bars, or up to fifty in a street in some places. Then when you go inside there are 50 or 60 hot girls clamoring for your attention.

I remember my first time, I thought, "this is insane! " On top of that, there are too many bars, cafes, shops, luxury hotels, restaurants. The choice is staggering!
I've felt this on the Gold Coast in Australia before also.

The You Tube guy said "imagine if you have millions of dollars". Then, you go to a billionaires party and there are Roll's Royce's parked out front. You only have a Jaguar or a Maserati".

"Isn't it stupid to compare yourself to them"??

He then said, "the majority of people in the world can't even afford to go on a holiday, not ever, let alone spend thousand of dollars on hotels, beer, girls".

"In fact, these people don't even think about traveling, it's not an option for them".

Right now I'm a bit pissed off because I can't access the cash I need till October 24 to buy the luxury goods I want. However, that bloke on You Tube has made me think.

I mean , I don't think I'm a stingy fucker by any means, I have helped people out plenty of times when they are short of cash and donated to various charities.

However, thinking about how lucky we first world fuckers are is in fact a good thing to do sometimes. Us relatively rich fucks in the UK and Australia.

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